mother's delight

first of all, sean says hi, that he's sorry he's sporadic in posting, that he is sorry that his metal stuff was so long, and that he'll be back soon. I guess he had to work at work this weekend.

second, thanks for all the nice happy mother's day stuff everyone's been saying! very sweet.

this is how the weekend went. saturday, we laid around, finally went food shopping with bella in the floppy seat (which she loved) and again she was perfectly happy in the cart, and then I lost my mind when I got home. it was time to go see trent's baseball game and I decided it would be a really good idea to put bella in the bjorn and take the dog with, and that we'd walk. smart! I didn't take into account that once we got there, I'd still have to deal with the dog and the baby for the duration of the game. I only saw the getting there, and the getting there seemed okay. but thank god that I have a relatively good dog and a relatively good baby. bella got a little fussy there for a while, but only did her plaintive soft wahs, no full on crying. and maggie only got excited when other dogs were around, but we were able to manage.

sunday, it was mother's day. sean had laid out gifts and cards so I'd see them when I woke up. bella and I slept until about 8 and laid around until about 9, and headed downstairs. a beautiful orchid was waiting for me and 3 mother's day cards, 2 from bella and one from sean. sean's card was very sean-like in that it was very mushy and flowery and exactly what you would not expect from sean (but I would) and it talked about being a mother and a wife and a friend. bella's said that she liked being inside my hug. and the other bella card was made at daycare and looked like it was written in someone else's handwriting, as it was filled with words and not drool and rips, which is what bella usually does to paper.

I really really hope I don't kill that orchid. (I'm like 5 for 7 on killing houseplants in the last few years. I have 2 now that are still clinging to life.) anyways, sean also got me a gc for a massage at a place that I can walk to - which is really quite nice. it's hard to get the time to drive to places for stuff like that. and this place has all kinds of new agey massages, like this one that I might try that cleans out your lymphatic system and releases hidden tension and emotion. so will I laugh like an idiot or cry like a baby? who knows. after eating 6 waffles, I took the soggy, mashed up card from bella (I had given her the card she gave to me so she could "read" it with her gums) and headed straight to the couch, where we vegetated until brett and trent showed up at 2. I was looking so fine in my shrunken old navy sleep pants, a maternity tank top that had seen better days, my hair matted to my head, no makeup, and scary red eyes from a bout of allergic attack, but brett is used to seeing me this way, so whatever. I usually try to dress for company.

brett gave me a very nice card in which he thanked me for being a good mother and a good friend to him, and the friend thing was really what stuck out in my mind. he's not a very good emoter, unlike sean, and getting him to admit that we're friends has taken a long time. and trent gave me a very trent-like card that said something to the effect that the reason why I'm such a great mom is that I have an excellent kid. ha. nice. and trent gave me one of the most thoughtful mother's day presents I've gotten in a long time - a locket that has a four leaf clover on it (for good luck - and if you know me, I am one of the most superstitious people on earth, always clamoring for good luck) and a picture of trent inside. and space for a picture of bella. I was really thrilled with it.

so brett and trent allowed me to shower and look presentable, then we went miniature golfing. brett and trent go mini golfing like every weekend in the summer, seriously. they know every course within a 10 mile radius. and I had bella in the bjorn and played one-handed, and STILL managed to come in 2nd. (though I hate keeping score - but even though we didn't have a scorecard, trent kept score in his head.) I won't tell you who I beat, but I will say we had a sullen 12 year old in the car.

we relaxed for a half hour at home watching I love the 90s (1993, the year trent was born, bit of kismet that was.) and then we rolled to buca di beppos.

we will be eating leftover spaghetti for at least a week.

we all were uncomfortably full afterwards. and the pope room? they have a new jratz pope! I couldn't believe it. those guys work fast.

I had purchased 2 slices of oreo pie at the grocery store on saturday. it was in the freezer section. it said right on the front "oreo cream pie." so I bought it. when I got it home, the first bad sign was that it had a bible quote from proverbs on the back. hmm....god's oreo pie, huh? so we had it last night, and as soon as I bit into it I knew it was a cheesecake. now, don't you think they'd say "oreo CHEESECAKE pie" on it? I mean, most people love cheesecake. I think it'd be a selling point. perhaps they were too busy picking out a proverb to print. anyways, sean said he thought it was just plain old cream pie, but I made him fish out the box to check, and lo and behold - it had cream cheese in it. UM, EW!! cheese? in cake? I don't think so.

so other than the fake cream pie, I had an excellent mother's day....and I hope all of you did, too.

5 validations:

NME said...

Sunshine, golf and gorging - sounds like the perfect weekend. I think we all knew that Sean is a softie.

Marksthespot said...

I hear you on the cheesecake. Cheese? In anything? Ew.

Happy busy mommy day. Or, as we were calling it in my house, "Happy Monkey Day."

Missuz J said...

Well, both you and marksthespot must be ALIENS FROM ANOTHER PLANET for not not liking cheesecake. Cream cheese is one of those remarkable foods that makes anything it touches more delicious.

Kelly said...

I'm picky about cheesecake. If it tastes like cheesecake and not a pieshell full of cream cheese, I like it. Preferably drowning in some sort of too-sweet fruit topping.

seansylvania said...

A quick side note regarding cream cheese (markthespot...cover your eyes):
An old friend once introduced me to the combination of dipping Fritos into cream cheese. Still one of my favorite food combos ever, but it's terribly bad for you, so I haven't indulged in years. And interestingly enough, the Fritos can't be the Scoops variation. They have to be the regular kind. It has to do with texture.