I'll always love my momma

of course, I haven't bought my mother anything for mother's day. and I probably won't see her. but I do love her and always will.

sooooo, yeah, crazy menstrual shit. let's put it behind us, shall we? (like, I won't mention that I had to go home early yesterday because of...um...leakage.)


we bought bella 2 big-girl car seats yesterday. we bought a pretty decent model that was fairly expensive (though nothing like a $300 britax...I will only buy that if it makes bella able to drive the car) and one that was discontinued that was not as expensive and an ugly shade of blue. this means that we're going to retire the infant seat. I think that bella's extensive neck musculature is due directly to the fact that she tries desperately to sit up in her infant car seat every moment she's in it, so it's definitely time to switch. plus, since we had the bundleme in it for most of her life, and because she's been good about only having blowouts on washable surfaces, the infant car seat looks like new, so we'll be able to sell it to a local consignment shop.

she loves to be driven around and always looks out the window. it'll be cute to see her be able to see things other than the tops of trees, power lines, and direct sunlight.

for mother's day, my children, husband, and, um, brett are taking me to buca di beppo's for dinner. I'm going to see what, if anything, they did to the "pope room". it used to have a plexiglass-enclosed bust of pope john paul II and had bras and underwear strewn across the table on a clothesline. blasphemy! so did they swap out busts? and by that I mean bras. ba dum bum. tune in next time to find out.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of my motherly friends, friends who have mothers, friends who might want to be mothers, and anyone who loves a mother. that's everyone.

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Kelly said...

Ooo, big girl car seats are fun!!

Happy Mother's Day, Patrice!

Missuz J said...

Happy Mother's Day! Glad to hear that the worst has passed (no pun intended).

NME said...

Where are Sean's weekend entries????