sugar and spice and purses

having already raised a baby boy into a big boy who can now say with confidence that he can't stand me because I am mad at him for buying 3 lunches at a time at school so he can impress his friends with how he can eat 3 lunches at one sitting, I can make certain comparisons between baby boys and baby girls.

really, at this point, the only thing that I enjoy more about having a girl than having a boy is the clothes. that, and not having to decide about circumcision.

yesterday, we went to the mall to get bella some robeez, or so we thought. (they didn't have the kind we wanted, so we ordered them online.) after I convinced myself that she needed these $26 shoes, which is about 2 times as much as I usually pay for shoes (and 5 times as much as I paid for my last 3 pairs of shoes), I was off to the races. gymboree, children's place, baby gap!

as usual, there were 3 racks of boys clothes and about 3 acres of girls clothes at each of the stores we visited. it's not fair, it's not right, but there it is. we ooo'd and ahhh'd over adorable little skorts, teeny tiny tank tops, pretty dresses...and then, at baby gap, I saw it.

they don't even have it online at gap.com, so I can't show you a picture, but...here's a picture of a grownup version. they have this tiny pocketbook in baby size. like you could hold your cell phone and maybe a chapstick. BUT IT IS TINY, THEREFORE IT IS ADORABLE.

and because they don't even have it on gap.com, I convinced sean that I need to return to the mall today to purchase it since it is now deemed RARE. even though when I gave it to bella to hold to see how cute she'd look, she stuck the handle in her mouth immediately, and the charm is somewhat lost when the purse isn't used as a purse, but as a teething device. but still. it's something to put in the time capsule, nonetheless, when she outgrows it. but I hope she never outgrows it. I hope she's 30 and having her own babies and carrying her tiny little purse. maybe she'll use it to smuggle tampons into her workplace bathroom.

we didn't buy anything but a pair of sunglasses on our excursion (it's still too cool out for alot of the clothes, some were way too expensive, and the robeez store didn't have the ones we wanted and the sales lady was a bitch, so...) but we had a good time anyway. my highlight was the tiny pocketbook, sean's was..um..not spending money I guess, and bella's was the 3 way mirror in the gap. she was totally thrilled by seeing 50 million boba fetts in the mirror. she was kicking and rocking back and forth so much that I think I have bruises.

4 validations:

TD said...

Am I the only one wondering if they make Robeez for adults?

NME said...

I WISH they made Robeez for adults. They are $26 because they are fantastic. They are easy to get on and off - but they never FALL off. Noah's lion Robeez already look beat up because he's been wearing them almost every day.

Why do they let bitchy people not interested in oohing and aahing about babies work in children's stores? I just don't get it.

Missuz J said...

Ohhh. I miss all of Sophie's tiny baby cloths. I miss guiding her little arms and legs through one onesies, and putting those eensy weensy socks on her feet. I'd love to see a picture of Bella and her new purse.

Kelly said...

Robeez ROCK! They're also the ideal shoe for toddlers in daycare because fingers DO get stepped on and with Robeez, they don't scream so much.