long time no see. not much new is going on - but I guess that's the story of the second trimester. smuuuuuuuuuth sailing. I guess if I had to say what the worst thing going on is now, it would be sleeping. I have a complex pillow diagram I have to follow each night, and I still get up at least once and usually twice to go to the bathroom, and about 3 times or more to change sides. and the pillows have to be rearranged each time I move. so that's alot of pillow arrangement. there are two under my head, one between my legs, one small one under my stomach, and one behind my back. so when I flip over, I have to move the small one to the front and the big one to the back. after doing this for a week or two, I broke down and bought the most mammoth pillow you have ever seen in your entire life. it has shipped and should arrive at my home within 3 to 7 business days. in the meantime, we're figuring out where sean's going to sleep, as there is no way in hell he'll fit on the bed with me and this pillow. unless he spoons it.

feet are a little bloated, but since I saw the doctor last and he said not to worry, I'm not worrying. I try to cut back on the salty foods, but they're soooo good. I haven't been too moody or too weepy or anything, so in that respect, I feel pretty normal. in fact, when I get mad at myself for not feeling a certain way, I have to remind myself that I'm pregnant. I think sean's pretty appreciative of that.

coming up soon is that glucose test where you have to drink a huge amount of flat, syrupy "soda" like liquid, wait an hour, and then have blood drawn. I do remember that from when I had trent, and I hated it. it was all I could do to hold it down. I am totally not looking forward to it. and I hope I don't have gestational diabetes because I can't live without ice cream in the evenings.

the baby is moving around, kicking (ha, it just did just when I typed that) but not too hard and not too often. I try not to overanalyze it. I did have a dream last week that I had the baby out for a second to inspect it to see if it was normal, then did a test run on breast feeding. in looking down at the baby, I realized I was still holding the baby and our dog was the one breast feeding, which seemed natural in the dream. when I realized all was okay, I put the baby back in the womb to finish cooking. in the dream, it was a boy.

I'd be happy if the weeks to come are as boring as these last few have been.