and hubbard wins...

man, I was only 2 days off, too.

baby ray has arrived. and I can tell you on good authority that he's cute, pink, and soft. and noah loves him. he was petting his head and kissing him over and over. and nicole looks great and is super tan. they both (her and mark) totally had it together, too. no stressed out faces, no freakedoutedness. unless they're hiding it well. they are taking it all in stride. they're total pros.

hopefully soon I'll take bella to see RayKon - she's dying to meet him. (though she knows she can't till they're out of the hopsital and back at home.)


The Great Eggerts Baby Pool - UPDATE

...come wade.

we already know it's a boy - Ray Konrad. now we just need to know when, and how big.

your window is now till the end of july. go!

I'll go first:

july 16, 8 lbs 4 oz

super crazy update:

just like with noah, nicole had protein in her urine and was sent to the hospital earlier this week (read her blog for more, I'm too excited/lazy to link) and just like with noah, her first sign of labor was her water breaking a few hours ago. and she's on her way to the hospital now to birth baby Ray. can you believe it???