I figured I had to revive the ole blog since I decided to do the self portrait day project - http://www.selfportraitday.com - so here's what's happened since whenever I last posted here, in a nutshell:

I grew over 2 shoe sizes.
I looked like a big, fat cow.
I had 2 showers - one from my mother in law for my husband's side of the family, and one from my sister and best friend for everyone else.
We painted the nursery green.
We hired a doula. Man, I gotta tell you that story sometime.
We went 8 days over our due date.
We went into labor in the wee hours of Halloween.
We had a baby girl on Oct 31, 2004, at 10:50am.
She weighed 8 lbs 10 oz. and was 19.5" long.
We named her Bella.
We took her home.
I freaked out.
My best friend went into labor 15 days early.
They had a boy named Noah.
I freaked out some more.
Sean went back to work and I had a breakdown of sorts.
I felt better.
Bella got bigger.
Trent got protective of his baby sister.
Our pets liked her.
I went back to work.
Bella went to daycare 2 days a week.
I got up this morning.
I came into work.
I looked at my email.
I went to Blogger.com.
I signed in.
I started typing this post.

That brings us up to date.