hello, goodbye

so I asked for someone to swoop in and take care of my bills, and I am happy to report that that's exactly what happened. through the magic of something called "trust", which I have dabbled in in the past, I asked jarrett to help and he has. in fact, he just balanced my checkbook again today, and that's like the 5th time he's done it. that I know of - it may have been more.

to add to how wonderful jarrett is, and to make you all either go "awww" or [vomit], we're going on a cruise. we leave on saturday and jarrett paid for my ticket. our deal is that I pay for incidentals on the trip, but there's no way that incidentals are going to cost as much as the ticket itself. just wish us luck, as there's a tropical storm or whatever near where we're going (bermuda, which is safe, tortola and st thomas, which would be in the storm's path).

regarding all the other shit. it's been mostly up and some down. the down has been pretty far down, which I suppose is concerning. I just try to ride it out. it's not easy on everyone around me - family, jarrett, friends that I keep at a safe distance (specifically nicole and betsy - I'm sorry) - and I hate that it's difficult, but I'm trying as hard as I can to improve.

anyways, wish me bon voyage and I'll talk to you when I get back.

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lonna said...

I hope that you really get to/let yourself enjoy your vacation. Have a great time doing nothing or doing fun stuff.

Isn't that trust stuff crazy when it works? I'm with you with the trust issue stuff. It drove Ethan crazy for years. Jarrett sounds like a real help. Good for you.

NME said...

Trust is tricky - so glad that Jarrett is worth it. The cruise should be nice and relaxing.

Don't apologize to me. You need to concentrate on your own needs. And I feel really crappy for not knocking on your door every day with homemade lasagna - because casseroles make everything better. But we all have our stuff going on - and the days just fly by. And hopefully soon we will get together.

Stine said...

Have a great time on your vacation. I'm glad you have someone who gives you support when you need it.

Relax, take care of yourself, and have fun.