quarterly blogging - it's all the rage

first: I got a new job. so I won't be as fried anymore and maybe I'll even have more time to blog. I start on 4/30.

second: bella and trent are good kids, as usual. I have alot to say about them but confronted with a new blog entry, I feel like I don't even know where to start.

well, I will say that bella's getting a little attytude (as my dad would say) to her. when I ask her to do something more than once, she says "aw-WIGHT." she also is very concerned about who is going with her to do things. I'll tell her that daddy is picking her up and she'll say "how bout you? how bout trentle?" which tears me up with guilt.

she's into brushing my hair with puzzle pieces and taking care of each of her baby sisters, all named baby lucy. she likes to read me books and to watch movies - we just got a vcr again finally and all my old disney movies are resurfacing. she's currently in love with lion king and booty anna beast.

and I can either stop here and try to post more later, or not do this at all...

7 validations:

Jen said...

Glad you are doing well and that you got a new job. Any blogging is better than none at all so don't give up on us. i would love to hear more about what has been going on with you lately.

lonna said...

I'm glad you got a new job too. It sounds like the current is extremely stressful, and if there's anything you don't need it's extra stress.

Bella sounds so cute "Aw-Wight". We get "yeah, sure" around here. It's amazing how quickly these kids pick these things up.

NME said...

Would love you to blog more. Miss hearing what's up.

The less I blog oddly it feels the less I have to say - and then I have these large throw-up posts where I dump everything under the sun. In fact I think that is what all of them are anymore. When I'm good I try to keep little notes with keywords so that when I eventually get to it I have a clue about what to mention.

Missuz J said...

"booty anna beast" is almost more than I can take. My ovaries are bursting.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Glad you got a new job!!!!!! Can't wait to catch up with your Bella and Trentle (oh you also of course!).

Please try to post more later!

the beige one said...

HOLY CRAP! A post from Patrice!

My heart! 'Lizbeth! I'm coming!

Stine said...

Congrats on the new job darling.

NME, I hear ya about throw-up posts.