I'm sorry

I never really recounted the amazing time I had in Utah with the jorgensons... it's not because I didn't have a fantastic time, it's because, well, I just got caught up in life and work and didn't acknowledge it.

when I landed in vegas, it was already fairly late - like 10 something vegas time. erik picked me up and we got in the car and that's when I found out that the drive back to their house is over 2 hours and crosses a time zone. we didn't roll in until like 4, which was like 6 eastern. I slept like a piece of furniture. my bed was already made up and it was nice and cozy.

a couple of quick notes about utah. a) it is cold. b) it is quaint. c) it is mountainous. d) when you're not in a town, it's alot of vast stretches of unspoiled wilderness. e) it is cold.

we hadn't yet had snow in PA, so seeing the snow in Utah was pretty crazy. the mountains were insane. becca took me to the cowboy breakfast hangout and we hung with soph all day. I got to take naps, see all kinds of crazy mountain scenery, get to see ranger kodi at work, see some dude who supposedly is famous, go to the local grocery store (which I love, because I like seeing normal life in different towns. like, what aisle is the bread in, and where can you get tampons?) and see where everyone I know in utah blogville lives. we visited katy's new apartment (cute) and I saw kodi's house and where becca works and sophie's montessori school. it was fantastic.

I played crazy dominos (and won - thrice) and uno with new rules. it was so much fun to see everyone - kodi, paul, jen, katy - and just relax and have fun.

I knew I would get along famously with becca and that was true. I didn't expect to get along so well with erik - that was a pleasant surprise. not that I didn't think I would, but I thought it might be weird. but he's a really great guy and he and becca are really well suited for each other.

and of course the kids. sophie is darling and janz reminds me so much of trent it's not even funny.

so thank you to all my utah homeys...belated, but thank you for treating me to an excellent mountainous time.

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NME said...

And WHERE are the photos?

Missuz J said...

Everything has been so crazy (on both sides) since your visit. No need to be sorry. Ya. That's all I've got in me today.

Erik said...
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Erik said...

Thanks for the kind words.

We really enjoyed our time with you. If we're ever out in your neighborhood, we should definitely get together.

Maybe it was the stars...eh?

Kodi said...

I loved visiting with you, and hanging curtians and shit. And thank you for being the best navigator this nervous city driver has ever had. Between you and Becca, I didn't have to turn around once because of a missed street. Domino muthu fucka

Katiemagic said...

Hope your job is getting a little easier as time goes on. Miss you!