endings and beginnings

tomorrow is my last day at my current job. you'd think it would be a joyous occasion, but really, I've gotten fairly good at this and don't feel anywhere near the pressure I had before. it's not that I don't want to leave, because I do (as I hate the industry), but I feel like I am going to be starting all over again not knowing what the hell I'm doing. which is exactly what's going to happen, obviously. I hope I pick it up quickly.

in other news, not that this is pressing, but it's on my mind: I got my roots done yesterday and I'm annoyed. to back up, a few weeks ago, I got my hair professionally colored for the second time in my life (as I usually do it myself.) I wanted a golden brown with blonde highlights but apparently I can't do that for some reason. I'm not sure why, as they seem to do whatever the hell they want on america's next top model and stuff, but I had to settle for a darker brown with red tones and blonde highlights. and it cost me alot of money. probably not alot of money to people who do this regularly, but I'm used to $10 feria or whatever's on sale.

so my roots were growing in big time, and I went back to get them done yesterday. the lady who did them originally wasn't there, and this dude did it instead. he said that you only do the highlights like every 3rd time...okay. my hair grows sort of fast, but he's the expert. so he does the color and it takes 400 years. he left me sitting with sopping wet hair while he went and did something else for 15 minutes. then he asked if I wanted him to trim up my hair. now they asked me this last time, and I said just the very ends...so I said that again. and here's where I am really pissed now - he cut way too much off and I am only just barely able to get my hair in a pony tail. and the pony tail is vital, as anyone with longer hair knows. how else can I get away with not showering??? and the entire process ended at 7:40, for my 6pm appointment.

so there's that.

trent hit his head on the corner of a table in science class earlier this week and had to be taken to the ER to see if he needed stitches. after waiting there for over 2 hours, we did find out that he'd need either about 4 stitches (if we wanted it to heal without much scarring) or skin glue...we opted for the glue. the cut is behind his ear, right near his hair, so no one will really see it. but we were in that hospital for over 3 hours.

I've done alot of waiting in the last week. I hate waiting.

wish me luck in my new job. I will tell you how it goes as soon as I can. I am grateful for all the feedback you guys give me. thank you, interweb....

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NME said...

So glad you are starting a new job. I know it's always kind of sucky - the devil that you know, as they say - but this really sounds like a good move for you. Wishing you lots of luck and a quick adjustment.

Your color sounds great. And I'm very glad Trent wasn't badly hurt.

The good thing about waiting is that it typically comes to an end.

M.Thom said...

May your new job be everything you want it to be, your hair grow longer in a timely fashion, and Trent's scar be big enough to brag about but small enough not to detract from that handsome face!

Glad to see you back!

Kodi said...

I'm glad trent is okay. Poor kid. And head wounds always bleed so much.
I REALLY hate getting my hair done. And I'm totally not picky about it. It's not like I do anything with my hair, just wash, scrunch, and let it dry. Or put it in braids. But if I didn't have the braid option, I'd be screwed for sure.

Jen said...

Shoot, my hair takes at least two hours every time I have it colored.

Glad you are getting out of the job that was stressing you so much. That is no way to live.

Missuz J said...

What they all said...

and FYI--We still remember your trip fondly here in UT. For example,

Olivia Forms a Band has become Sophie's favorite book,

She pronounces water "wuh-ter" in your honor,


She regularly tells her friends at school that they are "full of soup."