u is for u are gonna see me, t is for tomorrow's when I leave...a is for absolutely frigid, h is for ha ha ha ha heeeeeee

put it together, it spells UTAH.

tomorrow I leave for vegas, and get picked up by erik and driven to the frozen tundra of cedar, utah, to chill with the westerly folks. I can't wait! and the best part is that they're excited, too. not like "oh, we have to entertain this girl who imposed herself on us."

so sophie's choice already laid it all out, but I get there late on thursday and stay till dinnerish time on saturday. not a long visit, but a good first visit, I think. and I'd like to do it every year.

I haven't packed yet. I may want to do that tonight since I leave directly from work tomorrow.

in other news, you all already know that nicole is pregnant again! I'm so excited for her, though hearing about it so long after they found out made me realize that I'm too out of touch with the eggerts' clan and I have to do something about it.

also, thanks for all your skiing suggestions. erik, you know I'm totally going to hit you up for some like fake lessons in your living room. like stances and stuff. please, you have to help me. I got some ski pants from ebay and jarrett's splitting the cost of a coat (not too major of a coat, like $60 coat) and already bought me insanely expensive gloves and a cute hat. he has goggles I can use (goggles? christ.) and I will rent everything else. now that that's all out of the way, I'm clear to just worry incessantly about the actual skiing part.

work sucks.

that's all! if you haven't already, make sure you tell nicole how fantastic it is that she's preggers again!!

3 validations:

Katy said...

I left you a big long post on the skiing thing and stupid ass blogger never published it. Hate hate hate. I used to ski a lot, I haven't in awhile but I'd be glad to give you some pointers too. Also, YOU'RE COMING TO UTAH!!!! And I'm only mildly bitter that I'm just now finding out. Whatever I'll get over it. Patrice and Market Grill...now thats a photo op...

See you soon.

Missuz J said...

I have a lovely dinner of crab legs, fresh flounder, and shrimp puffs planned for you! (J/K)

Feeling slightly nervous--like you'll think I'm a huge nerdy spaz.

jon said...

U need TAH tell us how...uh, how...where did you go skiing again? Idaho? Please tell us how it was.