skiing. SKIING.

it doesn't even look right when you spell it, that's how scary it is.

first of all, hi. how are you? really? you look like you lost weight. no, I didn't, I just colored it, but it does seem to make it look longer, thanks!

so back to skiiiiing. I'm one of those people who doesn't really like to do things I can't naturally do well. and I'm not sure that anyone is naturally good at skiing. it's something you have to learn. I realize everyone was a beginner at one point but they are no longer at that point and I am. and I'm not like 8 years old.

where I'm going with this is that I am going on a ski trip to vermont, where people go because the skiing is so good. not like going to spring mountain that's like 20 mins away from my house where people go to try on long skinny boards and throw themselves down a mountain for a day. no, the vermont people are there because it's better than everywhere else except colorado or utah and they just can't take time out to fly there instead. they are hard core.

know what else is hard core? staying at a chalet that you SKI UP TO. that's on the mountain and where you take your skis (skiis?) off and walk into your living room, sighing after a thrilling ride or 12 down the mountain.

the last time I skiiii'd was when I was about 15. and I wasn't very good at it then. and now I'm going for 5 days. in vermont. with the hard core skiers.

first off. I don't even OWN a sporty winter jacket, let alone one where it was made specifically for skiing. the sportiest jacket I own is a waist length plaid wool pea coat. I have no fleece liners, nothing with goretex, nothing that wicks moisture away from me. my gloves are knit. I don't own goggles. people, I don't even have a real winter hat - just a crocheted beanie. so not only am I going to make a fool out of myself because I can't actually ski, I'm going to do it in completely inappropriate outerwear. unless I go broke buying a coat and pants. do you know you need a neck warmer when you ski? I do have one of those - I call it "staying indoors by the fire."

I'm so distraught. on one hand, I'm kind of excited to go skiing. but on the other hand, I'm freaking the fuck out. the expense, the humiliation, and how about if I break something? because that's totally a distinct possibility.

are any of you ski-ers? (skiers? skiiiiers?) if so, got any tips?

on the home front - bella had some weird fever for 3 days that broke on sunday morning and she is now fine. however, she did throw temper tantrums, which she never does usually, in the middle of the night. about every 2 hours. it was odd. and trent is home today with "diarrhea" but I think he's just not feeling great about school these days. I didn't have time to investigate further so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. maybe he really is sick.

on the work front - things are okay, still slow. I long to be useful. I know it'll pick up soon, but it hasn't picked up yet, so I'm nostalgic for my old job where at least I knew the answers to most questions.

so please, ski tips. anything. thanks!

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NME said...

I am the last person on earth to be asking for ski info or advice. Not only am I inexperienced - I don't GET it. I like to be warm and on firm footing.

Jen said...

I think Nicole is wrong, I am actually the last person on earth to be asking about skiing, being that i am a Florida native who was only seen snow a few times.

I have been skiing once, for a few hours in Maine. I was quite terrible at it and I believe the thick gloves I had on only insulated my frozen popsicle fingers and kept them cold.

Good luck. Maybe you could just get a few new "skiing type" clothing items and mix them with things you already have so that you are not completely miserable out there.

lonna said...

First, fuck blogger. I've been trying to comment all day.

Second. I have never been skiing. I am the clutziest person on the planet, and I see no reason to tempt fate. I broke my foot answering the phone. Imagine what I could do propelling myself down a snowy mountain. I shudder at the thought. Good luck.

Erik said...

I grew up in Southern Utah and the only things to do were skiing/boarding, partying in Vegas and taking drugs.

So here’s what I think:

If it’s cold in Vermont, the snow is wet, you’re a beginner, and you plan on spending time on your ass, particularly for 5 days, I recommend getting some gear…or you will be miserable and cold.

You can get generic bibs or Airwalk pants at the local sporting goods for as little 30 or 60 bucks. Columbia, Spyder, and Blackdot are sometimes on sale…I dunno, there are a million fuckin’ brands. You can also get away with some long thermal/fleece underwear for like 10 bucks at Walmart or Target. If you don’t want to spring for pants, jeans are a probably not the best for sliding around in wet snow.

You need good gloves or mitts. Marmot, Dakine, Columbia, Scott, or Alpine Designs are sometimes on sale. You’re going to have to drop at least 20-30 dollars on gloves.

A respectable jacket can be picked up for 60 bucks or less. You should also layer, you know, thermal/fleece undershirt, t-shirt, sweater/vest, jacket.

The low-end Smith goggles are about 20.

Neck warmers aren’t totally necessary; you can get away with a scarf if you’ve got one. Some good socks aren’t a bad idea either.

In all, you could end up dropping up to 150-160 unless you can borrow or find some stuff second hand. But you should try to acquire some gear if you’re going for 5 days.

If the people you’re going with are all hard-core, I’m sure some of them have some extra shit you could borrow...maybe ask one of them before you buy anything.

Hope that helps...have fun.

A Man without a Band said...

Hey, haven't done a thing with blog for-ev-er (any spare writing time these days has to go to the book), but I still try to read them occasionally.

I would echo Erik's comments, with one or two add-on's. I also grew up in Southern Utah (actually good friends with Erik) and one thing I remember from skiing is those flashy dressed people who couldn't ski to save their lives. Word of advice... don't dress flashier than you can ski, otherwise people are more inclined to see that you can't ski. Also, a big mistake people make is to wear like three pairs of socks. Don't do it. One good pair will do, much more comfortable and better for circulation. Those boots are pretty well insulated.

The layering is a great idea, because you'll undoubtedly be much warmer once you get going a little than when you climb out of the car, and then you'll probably get cold again towards the end of the day.


~A~ said...

Re-learn to fall the correct way so you don't hurt yourself too bad.

And keep your jacket zipped up. You wouldn't want Rob to call you a gapper now would you.

Have a most wonderful time. I miss skiing.


Missuz J said...

What about a little thrift store action? Nothing sucks more than being cold and miserable--and having nothing at all do do about it because you're in the middle of nowhere on a pair of slippery sticks. Water-proof pants of some kind are a must.

Looking forward to your visit.