stealing from katy and generally doing something I hate, which is a meme thingie, and also is sort of a cop out from real blogging. whatev, I don't care.

In a word...
Yourself: thinking
Your partner: challenging
Your hair: dry
Your mother: distant
Your father: nicer
Your favorite item: backscratcher (which is now one word)
Your dream last night: bad
Your favorite drink: aquafina
Your dream car: runs
Your dream home: old
The room you are in: cube
Your ex: nice
Your fear: torture
Where you want to be in ten years: happier
Who you hung out with last night: bella
What you're not: happy
Muffins: okay
One of your wish list items: flooring
Time: limited
The last thing you did: typed
What you are wearing: black
Your favorite weather: fall
Your favorite book: short
Last thing you ate: bread
Your life: uncontrollable
Your mood: defeated
Your best friends: bloggers
What are you thinking about right now: money
Your car: broken
What are you doing at the moment: duh
Your summer: chaos
Relationship status: yes
What is on your tv: fingerprints
What is the weather like: rainy
When is the last time you laughed: forever

2 validations:

~A~ said...

I think I'll have to do this one after reading yours and Katy's.

Thought about you the other day. Hope all is wellish. :D

Missuz J said...

Sending you a big hug.