slow down, you move too fast

(definitely NOT feeling groovy.)

and ps, my favorite line from that song is "I've got no deeds to do, no promise to keep." those moments in my life are rare, and when I stop and think about it when that does happen, I really do feel groovy.

work is kicking my everlovin ASSSSSSSS. I have a big project that goes live next friday. major major. and it's down to the wire and I've procrastinated on some things and some things are just going wrong and there's alot of work. hence...blogging. ah, some things never change. it's like sunday night with a term paper due 2nd period on monday.

anyway, I've set myself up for audioblogger so that I can record bella cuteness. I hope to be able to do it tonight sometime. hopefully, she'll cooperate.

regarding the potty training...my only concern is they way they talk about it in the brochure and the extreme importance they place on it. it's like a constant. the brochure says something to the effect of "diaper changing is disruptive and inhibits learning by interrupting the flow of information" blah blah. like 5 different ways, it says this. and potty stuff is everywhere. they have a giant chart where they say who is potty trained (smiley face, stars) and who isn't (blank). there's stories about potty training, going potty every hour or so...talk about disruptive. god forbid they learn anything BESIDES how great it is to go on the potty.

and the kicker is that they cannot move on to the 3 year old room until they are trained. so there's an endgame there. a finite deadline. it just feels like total pressure, and I'm not even the one being potty trained. she's gone from just having a potty laying around in our bathroom to being on that potty 5 times a day, being confronted with others going potty, reading about it, learning about it, watching others go...it's been a little overwhelming. well, for me, anyway.


trent and brett are off to san francisco tomorrow morning. every year, brett and a big group of his buddies go see an eagles game in a different state. last year was denver, and they've been to chicago, new york, and carolina. maybe a few others. anyway, this is trent's first year going and his first trip to california, or anywhere on the west coast. he misses school tomorrow and monday. he's excited, and I'm excited for him.

in other news, I have a wedding to attend on saturday and not one stitch of clothing suitable for it. I do have a fall-ish dress, but sean (who is my date) is wearing grey and black and I want to match because I am a weirdo. I have no money to spend but I will try to find a dress anyway. I hate money.

that is all.

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Missuz J said...

Talk about potty pressure! Yikes! I think the wall chart with the names and stickers is absolutely lame. Lame Lame Lame.

Good luck dress shopping.

NME said...

But there are stickers! How can stickers ever be wrong? They are so fun and so sticky!

San Fran for Trent - very cool. And on a mens football excursion - very adult and macho. He's a MAN now.

lonna said...

Wow, that sure is pressure, especially for a not yet two year old. Christ. I have always despised the whole public chart thing. I hate competition like that. We've been told that Dermot can't move up until he's potty trained either. It sounds like they're pretty interested in getting him to move up. I'm in a medium amount of hurry:) Sick of diapers, but I don't want him to stress out.

What a great outing for Trent and Brett. I hope they have a blast.

Good luck dress shopping. I just hate trying to find specific dresses for specific events.

KATIEmagic said...

Even I'm feeling pressure to use the big girl potty. Who needs that? That whole chart on the wall thing reminds me of when college professors posted grades outside the classrooms. Just rife with humiliation potential, that.

Money does indeed suck.

It sounds like Trents first man trip is going to be a right of passage of sorts. How great for him!

Kelly said...

I agree with everyone else. The chart is a BAD BAD idea, unless EVERYONE gets a sticker for some reason. It's just humiliating (even at 23 months) to not get a sticker for not being able to use the potty.

On a side note, our center doesn't require that children be potty-trained to move up, but they usually are by the time they are ready for preschool (3 1/2-4), as opposed to the younger rooms. In our toddler room, once one child started showing an interest, the others desperately wanted to sit on the potty. So Bella is probably not being sat there against her will. If she sees her friends do it, she probably wants to....and if she's really not ready, she's getting the satisfaction of being able to do something the bigger kids do because she probably doesn't understand that they are actually using the potty.

But I HATE HATE HATE the chart. Sorry for the long comment. If you want more information from me, you know where to find me.