potty time, excellent

so bella is now in the two's room at daycare. she's the littlest peanut in there, but since they are getting more kids in the toddler room, and since she has the skills down that are required for a move up (namely, able to sit at a table and eat, can drink from a regular cup, can use a fork and spoon to feed herself well, and I don't know if there's others) she's moved up. on her first day, which was the same day as trent's first day of school, and so all of this might be moot because I said it already (oh well, whatev)...anyways, on that first day, they sent home a paper and a brochure about moving to the two's room. we never got a paper or a brochure about moving up into any room. the brochure is from the company itself (as it is a chain). both the paper and the brochure are devoted almost singularly to the notion that KIDS GET POTTY TRAINED IN THE TWO'S ROOM. no ifs, ands, or butts.

they've always had a strict schedule for diaper changes. kids get their diapers changed whether they need it or not in regular intervals. I think it's somewhere around every 2 hours. they write on a daily chart if their diaper was wet or if they had a bowel movement (the illustrious "BM") and what time they changed the diaper. only in the two's room, it's required - REQUIRED - that the kids sit on the potty at every diaper change. they have to try. their goal, the brochure says, is that the kids will be potty trained during their year in the two's room. so by the time they're 3. hey, it's not like it's hella early, but still. really? my 23 month old is sitting on the potty 4 times a day now. I just feel like potty training is a personal thing. like maybe I don't want her to feel pressured, you know? I mean, it's great that they take that initiative. but what if I didn't want her potty trained now? would I have to drop that daycare or what??

I can't remember what age trent was potty trained. I think it was after his 3rd birthday. jarrett's son is in the middle of potty training and he turned 3 in june. I guess I just feel like potty training isn't something you say starts at this particular age and lasts until this particular age - it's something you say starts when the kid is ready and ends when the kid no longer pees her pants. you know? I mean I guess I should feel lucky that they are helping, but I really hate being on some arbitrary time line.

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NME said...

I was under the impression that push for potty training was fairly typical in all daycares, but I could be wrong.

The books kind of tell you to put them on the potty regularly and just let them read a book and sing songs - not to put pressure on them but to get them to think the potty positively. I bet that is what they are doing at her daycare and it will be a largely positive thing.

I think the typical boy potty trains around 3 but girls are usually sooner. And with as fast as Bella latches on to things she might be trained next week.

CC said...

Hey Patrice,
Good to see you back. I agree that potty training is supposed to be personal and you arent supposed to "push" kids to do it, but I think in this situation it is a positive thing. I think that being in a class where all the kids are learning at the same time it shows them not to be scared and they can be independent. I think its important to stay in tune with Bella. Is she okay with it? If she is, then its okay to stick with it. Sometimes, parents put their own rules on themselves and sometimes the kids are okay with flying on their own. Scary though isnt it? Especially when its your baby.

CC said...

Oh, and I totally got the Wayne's World reference. Schwing!

lonna said...

They started that at 18 months at Dermot's old daycare in Iowa. We were told that it was basically just to get him used to the potty. They said that most of the kids love to sit on the potty, but very few of them actually use it. It's more about comfort. Dermot loves his potty and he hardly ever uses it. We just bought him one of those things to put over the regular seat and he actually peed in the toilet yesterday, but he's nowhere near ready to be potty trained. It was just a nice coincidence. I think that he likes pretending to be a grownup. When I talk to him about giving up diapers and using underwear he does not seem interested. So there's probably no pressure on Bella, but you might want to see what she thinks about the situation.

Missuz J said...

Soph's daycare did the same thing. I agree it's early, though. I guess as long as they're not like, "You WILL pee in the potty little missy" I wouldn't sweat it too much.

Jen said...

Yeah, I'm with you, it should be more of an individual thing, but I don't see any harm in them introducing her to the potty. It could help in the long run. Like the others have said, as long as they don't pressure them to go, there's probably no harm in it at all.

thelyamhound said...

The controversey a few years back was that a lot of daycares had a strict potty-trained-by-3 policy. I imagine this was the compromise, in that they no longer pressure parents to have kids potty trained by that age, but they take steps to try to get it happening anyway.

If the approach is what you say it is, I don't know that I see any harm.

~A~ said...

Both my girls were early trainers, I guess compared to the boys. Pixie was fully day and night trained at 18 months.

I guess the only thing that miffs me is that potty training is such a big milestone. We're talking going from being a diaper baby to big kid undies and as a mother, I'd hate for you to miss out on that. That a big deal man. You should be the first one to see her face when she makes the connection of actually peeing (feeling the urge and going for the pot) for the first time.

Other than that, think of how great it will be to be diaper freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

amandak said...

Dude, I would have LOVED it if someone else did part of the potty training work. I'm with the general consensus here though, as long as they're not pressuring her, there's no harm in getting used to the idea early-ish.

Nice to see you blogging some more again. Sad to see you took down that one post that you took down, I thought it was wonderful and brave. You gotta do what you gotta do though. :)

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Hey I feel like the people that call into the "Voting Lines" and pick undecided. If I'm taking the time to write (or if they are paying the price to vote)I should know where I stand.

When mine were little MY mother would ask constantly from about 18 months with all 3 of mine. I finally said "If I don't get it done before 1st grade their teacher can do it for me". All 3 were potty trained within 2 months of their 2nd birthday.

Now as a grandmother I find myself thinking that when a child is old enough to bring me a diaper and wet ones and say "I'm poppy" it is time to potty train. But he will be 3 end of this month, his brother wasn't trained until after his 3rd Birthday so...............


Okay now I've written a book to say.....I disagree with the preschool kind of.