so fresh and so clean

taking nicole's advice, I took a half day yesterday and set to work. first - grocery shopping. we were running low on a few things, mainly: everything. including cleaning supplies, so I sort of had to go first. after trent helped me unpack everything, I set to work. there were a few things I didn't get to (like the kitchen floor, scrubbing the tub) but the house looked relatively put together. I felt better about things. my wash is under control and the front room isn't in so much of a shambles. though it fucking reeks of cat in there. I really have to do something about that cat but nothing seems like it's going to work out. I even let her outside in the back yesterday to see if maybe I could make her an outdoor cat (best of both worlds - she can pee outside and I can still have a cat) but she hung out right on the step and ran in when I opened the door. I may try again.

anyways, I then had a dentist appointment (temporary crown on a back molar) and afterwards, my friend kelly had thought she might have a few of us over to her house. unfortunately, work ate up her time and so since jarrett and I both didn't have our kids (yesterday started our new schedule - sean gets all weds and fridays, which is actually only till 9:30 or 10 and not overnight, and then has every other "weekend" starting on saturday afternoon when he gets home from work and extending into monday night) he came over and we had chinese and watched dvr'd tv. so it was good that the house was relatively clean.

going to bed last night was great, though, because I did spend time putting on my new sheets and new comforter. and that was good because I'm having trouble adjusting to sleeping alone in my giant bed. the price you pay.

we review the property settlement agreement this week and sign it and the divorce petition next thursday. that starts our 90 days and so in the weeks between our anniversary and bella's birthday (which is the anniversary of us purchasing our house) we'll be divorced.

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Missuz J said...

A clean house DOES seem to do wonders for one's outlook.

This is getting repetitive, but I AM thinking of you and DO wish there were more I could do.

~A~ said...

You're doing a great job moving forward. (((HUGS)))

TD said...

Cleaning the kitchen floor is the one job I put off until I literally can't avoid it any longer. As in things (cereal, mostly) are sticking to the soles of our feet. Gross.

Good for you for getting shit done. Sorry the cat is such a pisser.

lonna said...

I absolutely put off scrubbing the tub until I can't take it any more. I may do a little bit every time I'm in there, but the whole thing usually waits way too long. And then Ethan does it. It's just so hard on my asthma.

I love new sheets and a new comforter.

Steph said...

I'm so glad you're feeling okay about the house. I think having an organized envrionment can help you feel better. I know it helps me.

About the cat - good plan! I'm sure she'll get used to it. Maybe you could stick her food or cat-bed or whatever out there too, next time, so she's more comfortable out there?

NME said...

It's amazing how much cleaning sucks, but how good you can feel when it's done. Of course with a toddler that feeling of cleanliness lasts all of ten minutes.

When we moved from an apt to Larry's house we transitioned our cat to an indoor/outdoor cat. At first he would just sit right outside the door and then slowly over time he started to explore more. I guess my only fear about your house is the traffic.


Andrew said...

I've had times when it doesn't seem like any path could possibly lead somewhere happy. The amazing this is how you can get to a future place when those bad times become fuzzy and indistinct. You know they happened, but somehow you arrived somewhere better. It may not seem so now, but I bet there is such a place in your future.