virginia beach in 11 minutes or less

I have 11 min...make that 10 minutes to post today. DOUBLE YESTERDAY! woo.

so I never really went into detail about my VA trip. of course, the pictures are still locked inside my camera, but I'll share some random quips about the trip and the journey.

I set off after lunch on saturday, after dropping bella off with noah at casa de eggerts. it was dreary but I was ready for the drive. I did mostly interstate driving until getting into delaware. I got off 95 and onto scenic route 13. first place I stopped (having to pee and being hungry) was a super walmart. I had never been. I was just flabbergasted. it was HUUUUUUGE. I bought a skirt, earrings, a cheeseburger, a bag of chips, some milano cookies (pepperidge faaaahm remembehs), and a new eyebrow pencil. all at the same time. which isn't that big of a deal - you can do that at any walmart - but I could have also gotten raw chicken.

anyways, route 13 is really interesting. as you drive down through delaware and into the DelMarVa peninsula (so named because the peninsula is shared by delaware, maryland, and virginia) you see the difference between the top of the peninsula and the bottom. and the bottom ain't pretty. I was sometimes aghast at the conditions people were living in as I got into the "eastern shores" of virginia.

then, my favorite part: the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel. 20+ miles of bridges and 2 tunnels. something for every phobia - long stretches only several hundred feet above water, long stretches inside dark, stuffy tunnels. $12 (non ez-pass) of toll-roady goodness. I love it.

then, I was in virginia beach. I found my alleged 4-star hotel, the founder's inn, right along the highway, a good 20 minutes (by car) away from the beach. not quite what I had in mind. I tooled around the beach on sunday and then, as it was freezing and a little sad, I went into the city of norfolk. I found myself on a one way street that dead-ended in a parking garage (that you had to pay to get into) for a mall. so I went 300 miles away to go to a mall. I did buy a book and did some window shopping before heading back to my "hotel".

time's up. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow, including what I saw at the beach and how I spent my evenings.

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lonna said...

Super Walmarts scare the shit out of me. They are ginormous and the scariest people are there. In fact there are more of them because the space is so much bigger. I was way too overwhelmed the few times that we went when we were at Purdue.

Too bad your vacation didn't go any better than it seems to have gone. Hopefully the next one will be tremendous!

the beige one said...

I'm liking the time constraint you're giving yourself! Makes for a more honest and less filtered blog, which I approve of.

Rebecca said...

when our super walmart opened one had to ride a golf cart to get to it because there was still construction going on. it felt like we were entering disney world.

did you notice/like the "no swearing" signs around virginia beach? i was there for spring break a couple weeks ago, and i thought those were pretty funny.

~A~ said...

Man, I'm on pins and needles for the next installment.

Are you going to get 15 minutes, or have to go down to like 7?

NME said...

Huh. I didn't know you used an eyebrow pencil.

So what did you do at the beach? And where are the pictures?

JJisafool said...

I'm with Beigey, I think you're creating a new genre - speed-blogging.

Jen said...

Speed Blogging- this really could be a new trend. Sort of a stream-of-conciousness no editing type of quick post. It definitely has its merits.

Kat said...

Oh, You went to the McArthur mall? I LOVE that mall! It's where Chris and I went for dinner (the Italian place w/ the singers)after we eloped and also where we went almost every time I went to visit him.

Jaws said...

Ouch sounds like the trip could have been nicer.

You were just a hour away from me!