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back by popular demand. brought to you by the napping of bella an hour before the sopranos start.

first up, virginia beach. there's not much more to tell about my trip, other than the weather was cold, the beach was a little depressing (cue "boys of summer" playing in the background), and I tooled around norfolk, which seems like a sleepy town on sundays. I didn't even stick around for breakfast on monday (because sunday's buffet was horrid) and so I got on the road early, taking rt 13 all the way up DelMarVa. the end.

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my luxury room at the founder's inn

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closeup of the infamous wallpaper

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closeup of the bathroom wallpaper

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"THIS is my room?"

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begging for a caption

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silented ride pier

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where the chesapeake bay and the atlantic ocean collide

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sandy feet

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downtown norfolk

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ole pete takes a break in a flood zone

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chesapeake bay bridge tunnel

Image hosting by Photobucket

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where the south ends

and here are some other pictures...

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today is my mom's 63rd birthday.

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bella meets her new cousin, brigid

until next time...

11 validations:

Marksthespot said...

caption begged:

"memorial to the first racecar drivers: ahead of their time"

~A~ said...

naaaaaa-aaaaaaaah that's not real wallpaper. I refuse to believe that still exists.



Jaws said...

Happy Bday Patrice's Mom!!

Jen O. said...

Your hair looks GREAT.

My word verification is uuwip. And it's true -- u do!

NME said...

Could they squeeze a few more chintzy patterns into that hotel room? Could they? PLEEEZ!

HB to yo Mama. Tiny Bridid!

lonna said...

That hotel room looks like the hotel room at the University of Illinois Union on campus. Although, I don't think they have as much nauseating wall paper. Wow.

I was going to say that your hair looked great too.

Finally, the pic of Bella and the baby is so freaking cute! Bella looks so interested.

rob said...

Caption: Yeah...I'll take both of you right here. Fifty bucks a piece.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

WHAT!!!!!!! Y'all don't like the wallpaper - all I can say is dang now what am I going to decorate my house in!

So did you feel like you should be serving tea in that room?

Bella & Baby too cute for words.

Missuz J said...

Caption: There are palm trees in Virginia?

Pics are very boys of summer. Don't hate me, but that song makes me a little weepy when I hear it on a bad enough day.

Remember that time we were in Vegas and I won a hundred bucks? Damn. I wish we could do that again soon. I'm all depressed and shit.

word verification: rbtoy.

amandak said...

I wish I could pull off that haircolor. You look great.

The bad hotel room bug must be going around. Ugh.

thelyamhound said...

I love the version of Boys of Summer performed by the band Gardener--it brings out the solid songwriting in a song I'd otherwise hate reflexively because it's associated with Don Henley.

That wallpaper reminds me of Barton Fink.

And your hair looks fabulous. Truly.