how much can I blog in 5 mins?

I have ... well now make it 4 mins to blog. let's see how much I can cram in.

first. I found out today that my cousin passed away. cousin in law, I'd guess you say. my cousin's husband. we haven't been close in many years, but we were when I was growing up. he was in his 40s and so it was quite a shock. that area of the family has already been through hell.

bella and sean are both sick with...sorry steve, if this is TMI about sean...diarrhea. I hope they are both better by tomorrow not only to save our schedule from being derailed, but because I want them both to feel better. I don't feel those emotions in that order. I'm pressed for time, is all.

2 mins left.

I slept more than I was awake on saturday. I had 3 naps and then went to bed at 8 without having eaten dinner. I felt sick to my stomach at dinnertime on friday, saturday, AND sunday. and I can't seem to gather any energy. if I didn't know better, I'd think I was pregnant.

BUT I KNOW BETTER and I am not.

one more minute.

bella quickly became addicted to teletubbies over the weekend. she sings the song and asks incessantly for "bubbies". it was the first thing she asked for when she woke up this morning. it had me thinking that perhaps we will put a TV in our room with a dvd player and some bubbies dvds simply so I can get ready in peace in the morning.

time's up.

I'll catch you tomorrow.

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OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

TV DVD sounds like a plan - but I read something once that the biggest killer of romance for a couple is a TV in the bedroom. (HMMMMMM and here I've always thought it was the toddlers, laundry, dishes, work, and other responsibilities that slowed ours down...........but I must be wrong I read it in a magazine so it must be true.)

TD said...

So... are you sure you're not pregnant?

Just kidding.

Sorry to hear about your cousin, and I hope Sean and Bella are on the mend.

lonna said...

Boy, I hope that Bella and Sean feel better today. That stuff is no fun when you're the adult or when you're the parent changing the diapers. Yuck.

We haven't moved toward getting a DVD player for our room yet, but we do watch Playhouse Disney every morning so that we can get ready while Dermot is completely focused on the tv. It's scary to see him so absorbed. It's like baby crack. We even bought him the CD with the music from Playhouse Disney. So now he wants to hear the Wiggles, Higglytown Heroes, and the theme to Little Einsteins all the time. Along with C is for Cookie. It never ends.

NME said...

My mom bought a refurbished portable DVD player on Ebay for $97. Something like that might be perfect for Bella to watch in your bedroom and would be a hell of a light cheaper than buying a TV and DVD player.

These kids are Tubbies addicts!

Missuz J said...

Not bad for 5 minutes.

Hope everyone's on the mend soon.