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I am giving myself 15 minutes to blog today.



last weekend, I spent saturday shopping for bridesmaid dresses again for my niece nichole's wedding in august. I think I mentioned before that the other bridesmaids (we're down to 3 of us now) are lithe, young, and skinny. but like a recent comment made on nicole's blog from boobecca, MY BOOBS ARE BIGGER. we picked out 3 different dresses that reflect our own tastes (jackie's was befitting a tan jersey girl, melissa's was demure with spaghetti straps, and mine was black pants and a sweater...well, actually, hid my stomach better than the others and had wider straps to accommodate my rack) but they were all the same color. now, I love my niece and I am so happy to be in this wedding, but THE DRESSES. they are FUSCHIA. I can't even fucking SPELL fuschia. bottom line, I need to get tan this summer or I am going to look like...I don't even know what I'm going to look like. a white whale encased in something fuschia.

then on sunday, after nichole and her fiance went back to virginia, I went back up to my sister's and made shower favors with denise, melissa, jackie, my mom, and nichole's fiance's mom tammy. my job was peeling off the stickers from the bottom of the votive candle holders. it was also my mom's birthday and my youngest niece chelsea's birthday was the day before, so we had cake. chelsea is 14 and sullen, so I saw her all of 5 minutes, just enough time for her to open my present to her. and then denise mentioned my blog to my mom, who now wants to read it.

I ignored her.

so, this weekend coming up, we are going to baby brigid's big sister mollie's 4th birthday party at sean's brother brion's house. all that convolutedness means that WE WILL BE SEEING SEAN'S MOTHER, JO-ANNE. for the first time since the whole "don't forget, you only have one mother, but I have 3 other sons" debacle after christmas. I did tell you about that, right? seriously, neither of us has spoken to her since december. it will be AWKWARD. especially since sean wants no parts of forgiving her.

real quick bella news: favorite words are YUCK! and yeah. I'm glad she is now using yeah instead of answering "no" to everything. bella, do you want a cookie? yeah. do you want to watch bubbies? yeah. do you love mommy? NO! oh well.

time's up. catch you later.

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~A~ said...

I totally admire your speed-blogging. That is soooo cool. I'm in awe because there's no way I could stop at a set amount of time. I mean come on, there's so much to just ramble on and on and on about.

I'm have to back up and see if you wrote anything about "don't forget, you only have one mother, but I have 3 other sons" because I'm that nosy.

And our mom doesn't know about Rob and I blogging. She has hinted that Rob has one and wanted to know if I knew anything about it, but for some reason that day I had no clue what she was talking about. Keep ignoring your mom, she'll forget eventually. :D

amandak said...

I'm digging the speed blogging too.

Maybe I should try a speed comment.

Consider an air brush spray on tan thingy. I haven't actually done them, but hear they are the bomb. A pre-wedding run at it would be required, of course.

Good luck with the MIL. Hopefully she will be more human than at Xmas.

I am also dutifully ignoring any mention of blogs, internet, or websites by my mother or around my mother. Fingers crossed that it keeps working.

Kodi said...

No way!? A sullen 14 year old girl? I can't imagine. My 14 year old darling is nothing buy sunshine and sweetness all day long. What is it about that age that turns a sweet loving child into a meglamaniac?
Good luck with the MIL. Thank God I get along great with mine, as we live right next to eachother so animosity would be really inconvienent.

NME said...

Joanne? YUCK! Bigger boobs? YEAH!

Fushcia is worse than the original color she was considering. Good grief.

lonna said...

What is it about bridesmaid dresses? They are usually unflattering in both fit and color. If I was ever going to go that route when I was thinking about getting married. I was going to go with black. It looks good on everyone and hopefully the dress could be salvaged to be worn some other time.

Good luck with Sean's mom. I hate situations like that.

Missuz J said...

I'd forgotten about the MIL debacle. Ugg. Oh--my mom has totally discovered my blog. I try to act like I don't know/care--as she's a big girl and can choose to read stuff that will upset her, or not--but still sometimes edit myself (just a little).