what a fool believes

we won the lottery!

and other assorted april fool's jokes.

I'm feeling a little guilty right now because I totally sabotaged my friend jarrett's cubicle this morning before I realized he was having a bad day. first, he forgot his pass to get in, and then, after we got breakfast, he had a nasty ketchup incident. meanwhile, I stole all of his pens, turned most of his pictures upside down, disconnected his mouse...and a few other things I don't think he's seen yet. meanwhile, he's sitting in his cube in an undershirt, waiting for his polo shirt to dry, as he went into the men's room and thoroughly soaked it. the shirt is currently hanging over his cubicle wall, drying. and here I am, fucking with him.

and I can't stop laughing.

anyways, I haven't really thought of anything good I can do for sean and trent. I think if I did something to sean's car and he found out as he was getting in it at 5:15am, I might not get the exact response I'm looking for. and most of the things I can think of to tell trent to trick him into believing something are mean - either because it's something great that isn't true, or it's something horrible that will just be depressing and not funny even when it's revealed as april fools.

so yeah, this is how I get my kicks sometimes. ask sean. I torture him. usually when I'm bored and he's in the shower. my favorite is sneaking mouthwash in the water when he's in the shower (innocuous - he just gets freaked out over the minty smell in there, which is magnified by the hot water) or climbing up and squirting him with body wash or toothpaste from up high. once, I reenacted the psycho scene while he was in the shower, with a real knife. that didn't go over well. but blinking the lights on and off and then leaving them off while he's in the shower is always a hit.

I wonder if I'll ever outgrow this. I am certain sean wishes I would.

so anyways, you got food on your shirt. april fools!

7 validations:

lonna said...

Because of your title I now have that song in my head. I guess that it beats the Wiggles singing about drinking water (it's so good for you!).

Jen O. said...

I love a woman who takes hold of April Fools and giggles even in a time of someone else's (passing) dispair. Bravo!

NME said...

I am certainly a fool but if you did any of that crap to me I'd kill you.

the beige one said...

seriously, this kind of thing is a trait I look for in a woman, only because I'd get to do it back.

I'm sure your husband appreciates all this.

rob said...

I just pulled the greatest, evar!

I asked one of my contractors to call a user named Myra Mains. The number I gave him was for a funeral home. Thus the conversation went like this:

Them - Bonney Watson, my name is Denise, how can I help you.
Him - Hi Denise, I'm trying to get a hold of Myra Mains.
Them - Sir, you are the victim of a prank.
Him - Excuse me?
Them - This is a funeral home. You just asked for your remains.

I slay me.

JJisafool said...

OK, so, yes, once again I know I'm not as funny ad FUQUAD. But, I understand the impulse. But, my wife has developed this damnably effective no-sex-after-pranks response that has conditioned me otherwise than my nature.

Except those times I realize that the no sex thing is actually a condition of marriage and child and not pranks, in which case... GAME ON!

Katiemagic said...

My mom just had me completely convinced that she won a house in Vancouver where we could all live. I actually cried for about 30 minutes when she said April fools.