real quick

weekend in a nutshell:

14 inches of snow
103 fever (bella)
another double ear infection for bella
digestive failure for me
massive shovelling.

more later.

7 validations:

Stine said...

Dude, your poor tummy.

lonna said...

I can't believe that poor Bella got a double ear infection in the midst of the blizzard. How awful. Especially when you've got tummy trouble.

Katy said...

ooh that sucks. Sending you good vibes!

Allison said...

That really sucks!!! Hope you and her both are feeling better soon!!! I know how irritable mine are when only one of their ears are infected, so I can only imagine! Poor you!

Rebecca said...

gah! sounds terrible.

Trikc said...

I gave you a whole day to put up bella snow pics.. Was up wid dat? FEED ME!

thelyamhound said...

Yipes (and I don't use that word lightly). Sounds like quite a collection of ordeals. Well, things can only get . . . different.