happy effin valentine's day

oh sean.

he tries so hard.

this morning, he left me a card and some chocolates. the card was really sweet, and he had even drawn little thought balloons coming out of the people's mouths. the last line of the card said something like, "but the best thing I've done was marrying you." and sean signed it, "nothing could be further from the truth. love, sean."

yes, you read that right.

when I called to ask what was up with that, he couldn't believe that's what he wrote. he swears he didn't mean it. I'm sure he didn't, but that doesn't stop me from laughing about it every time I talk to him and say "nothing could be further from the truth." it's an instant term of endearment.

he also sent me flowers - 3 big bundles of tulips. unfortunately, he either didn't include a vase or they forgot, so now I have 2 bundles shoved into a dirty vase I had in a drawer and one bundle in a plastic water bottle. when I told sean, he was so upset. he got even more upset when he found out that they came in a regular box - the point of sending your wife flowers at work is so that everyone knows you got flowers even before they get to your desk. when he found all of this out, he just sighed and said, "well...happy fucking valentine's day."

and I laughed and laughed until I was crying. which is the best kind of valentine's day gift I could get.

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lonna said...

They say it's the thought that counts, right? I have to admit that "the further from the truth" thing is the kind of mistake that I could make. Tulips are beautiful. I hope that they last you a while once you get to put them in a better place.

Missuz J said...

Happy fucking valentines day indeed.

Sounds like you had a shitty weekend, too.

That's it I guess. Not feeling particularly "comment inspired" today.

thelyamhound said...

A good laugh is a fine gift. Sounds like it all worked out.

See, the "further from the truth" comment would have been business as usual in my family, given as we are to leavening all sentiment with caustic irony (though Jeremy and I seem to have gotten more of it than my parents have--a generational thing, perhaps?).

Steph said...

I was on the phone, on hold with the doctor's office when I read this post, and the lady picked up as I was in the middle of a laughing fit.

(wipes a tear, still laughing) Ah... Love. That's something my husband would do. Somehow that's even more dear than if he were all Don Juan-ish.

NME said...

I love tulips. Beautiful. And as they say, it's the thought that counts.

Further from the truth. HA! Oh, Sean. A classic.

Rebecca said...

At least you're able to laugh about it. Poor Sean though. Sounds like he's having a rotten day! Happy effin valentine's day indeed!!!!!

Stine said...

Ah, reality t'is funny indeed. He SO gets an A for effort though.

Jen said...

Oh, tulips are my favorite flower. I got nothing for VD, as I cancelled it this year, and it was a rotten day all around. I had a rough day dealing with idiots at work, and Andy stayed home to fix the bathroom, and ended up breaking the water valves in the process (they are all fixed now). I hate VD!

At least Sean tried, right?

~A~ said...

I don't have high expectations for husbands so when I read something like your honey did for you, it gives a glimmer of hope. *LOL*

A pat on the back.

amandak said...

I asked my husband to buy me something sexy for valentine's day this year, and he came home with very plain WHITE bra and panties. Ummm, honey? I haven't been a virgin in, like, YEARS! So, yeah, thought that counts indeed. (Was that too much sharing? blush.)

TD said...

That's definitely up there with the cat door incident as one of my all-time favorite Sean stories.

I'm so glad your Valentine's Day was full of laughter. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Heather Evans said...


(i hate that stupid e-speak acronym, it makes me feel icky and olsen-twinish, but damn it, it happened.)