molar express

bella has been a snot factory lately, with snot pouring out of her nose and now out of her eyes, too. it's all snot all the time. and the crankiness...oh the crankiness. I was afraid that perhaps she has another ear infection, but then she bonked her head on the table. as she was screaming on my lap, I got an opportunity to see into her mouth. lo and behold, even though she only has 4 other teeth, she's getting a molar.

of course, my first thought was that she is only going to have those 4 front teeth (two on bottom, two up top) and molars. and how we'd have to find money to get fake teeth for her, and we already have to get a new heater and I really wanted to move to a bigger house and I guess we won't be going on vacation ever again and et cetera et cetera. then I calmed down and reminded myself that teeth don't come in on schedule and it's nothing to be worried about. and so, of course, I am still worried and will continue to be until other teeth come in.

and how weird would it be to have only molars and 4 front teeth? you know how people's mouths look when they have no teeth, how their lips are all sunken in and stuff? would you look like that? or would the front teeth be able to support the lips? hm.

at any rate, I filled bella up proper with ibuprofen and even though she's still cranky as hell and snotty and doesn't sleep, at least it's not for no good reason. 2 points of the molar have come through so far, and hopefully the rest will come in quickly or at least with less pain that the other two.

in other news, all of my laundry is done - seriously, all but what I wore yesterday - and yet this morning, when I got dressed, I still couldn't find anything to wear. what is my problem? I can't even fit all my clothes into my drawers and closet and yet nothing seems like it's quite right. I know all the ladeez can relate. what I really need is to find someone my exact same size with my exact same style and swap clothes with her every once in a while.

today, I really really want to remember to download pictures. again, I don't know what my problem is. it's not like going into the basement is walking across hot coals or is forty million miles away. well, there is some peril. there are sometimes these gigantic spiders (they are so big that the first time I saw one, I thought someone had left a halloween spider ring on the floor) and sometimes these big ugly grubs down there. I don't know how the grubs get in (AND I DON'T WANT TO KNOW) or why they and the spiders only come out sometimes, but needless to say, if I don't have to go down there, I don't go. and sean doesn't know how to download the pictures. it wouldn't be hard to tell him, but then there's my naming convention and the deleting of pictures and the uploading to snapfish that has to occur, and I quite honestly don't feel like relaying all that info either. so due to no one's fault but my own, I am the only one who can do it.

but...I will wear heavy shoes and do it tonight. I think.

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NME said...

It's teething, teething, teething all the time. I swear. I'm gonna write a book about baby development and under each section it's gonna say - "It's ALWAYS the teeth." It's like nonstop teething hell for these kids.

And yes - I was just looking at a book yesterday that said that there is a typical order for teething but many children deviate from it. So, no sweat.

I HEAR YOU. I have nothing to wear. And even I get something new it doesn't fit, or feel right. The only thing that doesn't get me massively depressed about that is that I have nowhere to go and noone to impress.

Spiders and grubs be damned. I want to see those pictures!

amandak said...

Send Sean down first to make sure the basement is critter-free. That's what I'd do. Then picture away!

lonna said...

Babies go through so much just trying to learn how to exist in this world, that I think teething pain is extremely unfair. It's hard enough to be a baby, really.

I hate all of my clothes, and I always have. They are a barely acceptable necessity. I know that it's because of my size, but still.

I have to admit that even with all of the creatures in your basement, it would be nice to see some new pictures of y'all.

thelyamhound said...

Some of us boys find our wardrobe wanting, too. If I had the money to buy whatever I wanted, clothing-wise, I'd need three walk-in closets.

Funny footnote on sunken cheeks and toothlessness: Were you aware that, a few years ago, the vogue was to have some of the rear molars pulled to create a leaner look to the face? I was appalled when I heard about this, of course . . . but then later, of necessity, I had my wisdom teeth pulled, and kind of liked what it did for me. Sick, I know. Mind you, I'd never go after the functional molars (wisdom teeth are like tonsils: they only exist to give us problems . . . although, in the interest of full disclosure, I should note that I still have my tonsils).

Missuz J said...

Quick before my kids get here

Grubs! AAAKKK! Much scarier than spiders.
Pictures? Pretty please?
Teething--the total shits
Clothing--About to give up on it all together

Katy said...

I have a closet full of clothes and I pretty much rotate my five favorite sweaters, and the same pair of jeans. Occasionally I'll throw in a button blouse if I'm feeling adventurous.

Sorry to hear about the teething. That's sucktastic.

And you're basement is my worst nightmare

Jen O. said...

My morning inner dialogue: I don't have enough tops. No wait -- I don't have enough bottoms. I have too many skirts. I don't have enough that's right for this season. I just wore that last week. I haven't worn that in three years and don't plan to. That doesn't really fit anymore. I don't have shoes that are appropriate for that. I can only wear my black boots with that, and I've worn them every day this week. That's actually dirty but I hung it up in the closet anyway. The only thing I can wear with that is my white shirt, which I wore yesterday and spilled something on it.

It's a wonder that I make it out of the house dressed.