the best medicine

so things haven't exactly been paradise in our house lately, as I've been reporting. sometimes you have to find things to laugh about.

sean loves this jethro tull song "locomotive breath" (which sean calls "locomotor breath" and I like that better, but oh well.) he's a big fan of the jazz flute in any song, and especially this one. he gets so into music, and I love seeing how his brain works. he was talking about it in the car on the way to or from one of the many places we had to visit this weekend, and he said, very seriously, "you know, it just sounds like a train! chug chug chug chug chug chug, you know? it's...it's... it's like a train with flutes flying out of it." oh how I laughed.

I quite often call sean a dork. it sounds awful, I know, but it's a term of endearment. (we often use inappropriate words to describe how we feel about things we love, sean and I. including loving our dog so much we want to bash her head in. things like that. you just have to know that's the way we are.) I called sean a dork in the car (we spent alot of time in the car this weekend) and he said, "no I'm not." and we went back and forth until sean said "I'm no dork!" so then trent says "I didn't know there was a 'no' dork." oh, the kid, he's funny.

and then there's baby bella, who, while not quite a comedienne yet, has us always giggling. she's learned how to do shhhhh, and always does it with this smile like she's hiding something. and she's taken to shaking her head back and forth and making herself laugh hysterically.

but while laughter is the best medicine, I think the two things that made me feel the most human and the least unhappy were seeing bella catching site of trent and breaking out into a gigantic smile, and watching sean see bella do something cute and seeing his eyes get moist because he just loves her so much.

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Marksthespot said...

In my sophomore year in high school I deliberated long and hard about what song to sing for our year-end chorus class "final exam." It came down to "Hey You" and "Locomotive Breath," which falls right in the sweet spot (such as it is) of my limited vocal range. I spent all morning listening to both on my Walkman between classes, but finally went with Floyd. It turned out OK, but it would have been fun to sing Tull. "In the shuff-l-ing madness..."

Katy said...

aaaaaaaaaaw... How cute.

lonna said...

You sure married yourself a softie, huh? I would bet it's the Irish in him. My dad can be the biggest jerk, but he can also cry at the drop of a hat. Just put on Danny Boy:)

I think that my eyes would get moist if I saw Bella looking at Trent like that too. How wonderful for you.

Sometimes I think that one of the best part of motherhood is seeing others love your child too. When I see Ethan doing something tender and sweet with Dermot it just moves me so.

Missuz J said...

It's so obvious how much your kids love eachother. That is a beautiful beautiful thing.

Can we still be friends even though I hate Jethro Tull and jazz flute in general?

NME said...

GOD I hate jazz flute. But find it oddly endearing and typical that Sean likes it.

I love to watch Trent with Bella. It is super sweet. And she is a funny little thing. She loves to laugh - and gets that honestly.

And I agree with Lonna. It's moving to watch others love your child.

Heather Evans said...

i've never even met trent and bella and this image makes me teary!

i've seen jethro tull twice, yo!

seansylvania said...

Awh man! I want to see Jethro Tull! Well, maybe back in the day would have been better. Today might be scary and/or depressing to see a very aged Ian Anderson try to catch his breath while maintaining the hectic pace of the Loco-motor breath! If you listen closely, you can hear him sigh and make funny noises with his voice in between flute blows. I can't imagine an old man trying do that let alone Ian in his youth. He's the best damn jazz flutist I know of...even better than Ron Burgundy. "Hey Aqua Lung!"
With that aside, I love our family, and no matter how tough my day is, the laughter is always carrying me through to the next day. There's always something to laugh about, and that's one of the things I love most about life. It also helps that I crack myself up.

Jen O. said...

I know what you mean about the inappropriate-terms-of-endearment thing. When Ham does something adorable, Jon and I say things like, "I'm going to throw up. That is so fucking disgusting," and so on.

It's weird that other people don't talk that way. I saw my sister's dog in an adorable pose and I said, "Jesus, I'm going to be sick." My sister actually took offense.