as I mentioned, our first stop on our vegas trip was to the Travelodge South Strip. and what a hotel it was!

here are our lovely accommodations. (help me to remain sane by ignoring the orb.)
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what a view!
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the view out of the bathroom was impressive, as well. (it was not raining.)
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state of the art heating and cooling.
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and the extras! take a look at the spa quality hospitality basket in the bathroom. specially labelled so you know what to use where!
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now, we fast forward to the best part of the trip, meeting the utahnians! I'm angry I didn't take more pictures. I thought I had, but lo and behold, no. especially of kodi, since there's only one of her. sorry, kods! (can I call you kods?)

rebecca, aka missuzj, checks out bella for the first time.
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a sean's eye view of the table. and this proves I really like rebecca because I'm posting this picture despite how awful it makes my arms look.
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it's katy!
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the lone picture of kodi. sorry!
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katy, bella, trent
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missuzj outside with bella
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katy outside with bella
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kiri and the copper man - check that face out. she clearly hates him.
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but look, she's a good sport.
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sadly, that's all I have of the festivities. these are all just random pictures of the rest of our visit.

a guy took this picture of us and didn't use the flash. whatev.
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kodi, becca, et al - this is for you. state of the art karaoke machine at FAO Schwartz.
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this is for nicole. remember when we were at jen's pollyanna thingie and you got the stuffed whatchamahicky? it has a name. anyways, this is the huge floor-cushion version.
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bella at the fashion show mall behind treasure island.
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vegas, baby!
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crayon head. (it's not a vein. it's blue crayon from planet hollywood.)
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gonna gitcha!
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sunrise, caught on film as sean was busy puking his lungs up in the bathroom.
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well, now that you sat through like 25 pictures, I hope you're still alive and able to scroll.

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NME said...

YAY! Grody hotels, lovely Utahnians, an "Uglydoll," beautious baby Bella and a sunrise. Exquisite. How could you hold out on us for so long?

Missuz J said...

Love these. May I say I look kind of hot in them? Sweet!

Now that I've seen both of your kids in person, I can't get over how much they look alike.

Drooling over the Karaoke machine, and wishing I could call you and say, "Hey! Come over later. We're singing karaoke and eating deep fried pickles!"

Kodi said...

I would love for you to call me Kods.
Don't worry about the lack of pictures, I think I look much better in person anyway.
Loved the pictures of Kiri. The bronze man was kinda creepy. And I like a good mother made her stand by him for a picture.

lonna said...

So many pictures. So many things to say. I hate unclean hotels. How hard is it when you are supposed to be cleaning them daily? Yuck.

And I hate to say this, but Bella is really starting to grow up. She's such the movin' and shakin' little toddler in these pictures.

Katy said...

Aaw, I like you so much I'll even forgive you for posting that picture of me where my shoulders look all lumpy and my head looks tiny. That was so fun. So sorry for the grunge of the first hotel. And the puke of the second. But so glad we got to meet. Aw, good times.

TD said...

Are those tiny Chuck Taylors I spy? Adorable!

Great pics. I had forgotten about the Uglydoll, but I was the one who brought it to the gift swap. I think it had chest hair?!

amandak said...

Great pics! Thanks for getting them up, I hope there were no icky bugs in the basement involved. It's sort of surreal to see my sisters, in Vegas, with you guys. I feel like I really should have been there, especially since I WAS there the week before. Both with my sisters, and in Vegas, but not at the same time. Weird.

Stine said...

What fantastic pics of everyone.

Jen O. said...

I loooooooooooooove the "gitcha" picture. You've gotta get that one framed.

Rebecca said...

How many blogging Rebeccas ARE there? Ha. Anyway, now you have to take a trip to Ohio. I'm closer.

Anyway, nice pics. Vegas is kind of crazy and I'm glad you had a good time (except for the Sean puking part and the yucky hotel and... oh well).

rob said...

Bella's friggin' slaying me in these. Ah-door-habla...

the "Vegas Baby!" pic looks like she's about to throw down some kung fu cuteness.