today is the day

before any big presentation, one should always strive to get a good night's sleep.

here is a short play by play of my night.

10pm, bella falls asleep on my lap on the rocker downstairs. she hasn't done that in a while, so I feel like I'm sitting pretty, able to get last minute stuff done before I go to bed while she is safely ensconced in her crib.

10:30pm, I get everything together and climb into bed. my shoulder has been killing me for days now, after having slept on it funny a few nights ago. so I put one of those self-heating cramp pads on my shoulder to sleep on it hoping it will loosen up the muscle. sean has put maggie on the bed and of course this means she's sleeping on my side, but my feet are cold so it's bearable. I swat sean a few times to get him to stop snoring.

midnight, bella wakes up for the first of many, many times. I put her in bed with us. we all sweat. I swat sean a few times to get him to stop snoring.

2am, bella wakes up again. I switch sides with her so I can both nurse her on the other side and so I can switch shoulders that I'm laying on. the dog decides to move up further and I now am forced to lay on one side with my legs bent in opposite directions with no covers. I swat sean a few times to get him to stop snoring.

3am, I wake up completely stiff. I move the dog to her bed on the floor and bella to her crib.

3:01am, bella wakes up as soon as she hits her crib mattress. I pat her to sleep for about 10 minutes.

3:57am, I wake up to a strange noise. it sounds like the cat clawing the mattress (as she is wont to do) but only with one claw. in rhythm. it's rather loud. then I realize that it happens every time sean exhales. then I realize IT'S SEAN.

4am, I finally shake sean awake to stop the...noise. he is incredulous that it happened. then he buries his face in the pillow and laughs. so I laugh. we laugh for 10 minutes.

4:10am, his alarm clock goes off. now, here's where it goes from funny to annoying. sean's clearly awake. he's been laughing for 10 minutes. it's a nice start to his day. he could get to work early or just have time to have a nice breakfast. but no. sean is used to hitting snooze a few times in the morning, as most of us are. however, most of us aren't getting up at 4am. so sean decides to get more sleep in and hit snooze. I am also fully awake at this point but I don't get up until 7am, so I am trying to get more sleep.

4:19am, sean's alarm clock goes off. he hits snooze.

4:28am, sean's alarm clock goes off. he hits snooze.

4:37am, sean's alarm clock goes off. FOR THE FOURTH TIME NOW. he hits snooze.

4:39am, after stewing about how annoyed I am that I keep getting awakened by this goddamn alarm, I hit sean, telling him to wake the fuck up already. sean says "don't you dare." whatever that is supposed to mean. he turns off his alarm clock. then he lays back down.

4:40am, I hit sean again, asking if he's planning to wake up at all today, because often if he lays down after turning off his alarm, he'll fall asleep without waking up in time for work. plus, he has to leave shortly and he definitely needs to shower. he says "I'm GETTING UP."

4:45am, bella wakes up again.

I sleep fitfully until my alarm goes off at 6:30am, I half-heartedly hit my snooze button, then get up at 6:45. REALLY tired.

so. excellent way to start the day. hoo rah.

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Katy said...

That really sucks. I slept funny on my shoulder a couple nights ago too but I plan on storying in my blog so I won't go into to much detail. Sorry you had such a fitful night.

lonna said...

Personally, I think that babies and sleeping partners subconsciously know when you need sleep and they go out of their way to sabotage all attempts. We have major snoring issues too, but it goes both ways in our house. Good luck with your presentation today.

NME said...

Maybe you needed less sleep to give you that intense, trying to focus, hungry look?

My nights always feel like that. Someday when Noah is ten I'm going to wake him up in the middle of the night and make him hold me. You should do that with Trent. Tell him it's payback.

Missuz J said...

Erik does shit like that ALL THE TIME! He set the alarm in BOTH of our cell phones to go off at 5:00 so he'll get up and go to the gym--and puts them in weird places so he has to get up to find them. Only, when he DOES sleep, he sleeps like a fucking rock, and I end up having to get up. GRRRR

hope the presentation went well.

the beige one said...

yeah, how did it go?

Kodi said...

I am right there with you on the sleeping husband shit. My husband hits snooze a thousand times and then bites my head off when I ask him if he's going to get up and go to work. Pisses me off to no end.