don't you hate it when you create an entire presentation and realize you should have done it differently? and that it kind of blows?

anyways. I am feeling better. not 100% but at least not in the bathroom anymore. I just have a whopper headache and my muscles hurt. and the tiredness.


I am now allowing myself to get excited over christmas. mostly the shopping, anyways. we aren't going overboard on anyone (even the kids) so this year, it has to be quality and not quantity. which is sometimes difficult. maybe excited isn't the right word. perhaps it's apprehensive.

compounding that is the fact that sean's birthday is dec 7. the day that will live in infamy. (which I guess is kind of outdated now that sept 11 happened and is this generation's pearl harbor day.) what the HELL am I going to get him? don't tell me in comments, because I've heard a rumor that he actually does READ this thing from time to time even though he doesn't post. (blah blah blah work blah blah. I've got a presentation I have to embarrass myself with tomorrow, work is no excuse.)

anyway, you kinda know sean by now. he likes metal, movies, beer, metal and metal. and fluffy puppies. any ideas? email me at patrice108 at gmail dot com. please.

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KATIEmagic said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better and that you're done with your presentation even though you don't feel great about it I'm sure it was wonderful. Is there an award for the longest run-on sentence, cause I think I just won it.

lonna said...

I didn't know that Sean was a December birthday too. Apparently there are quite a few of us out there in the blogosphere.

I'm glad that you are feeling somewhat better. Good luck with the presentation tomorrow. Sometimes when I think my organization and appearance sucks, I am able to save it by my delivery. That's what really matters anyway.

NME said...

I don't want to wish you luck at your presentation because that smacks of bad luck. And I don't want to tell you to break a leg because I'd feel really bad if you broke a leg. So I guess I should just tell you to "watch your head." How's that?

Sean is both very easy and very difficult to buy for. If that makes sense. I'm in the same boat with Mark. I'd give you suggestions but I don't have a clue.