it was horrible and I got fired.

just kidding.

the presentation went well on friday. of course. I get worked up over nothing. had I not been so nervous, though, I'm sure I wouldn't have been as prepared.

the weekend went by quickly. I did a bunch of xmas shopping on saturday, knocking out alot of people on my list. the rest of our carpet was installed on saturday, too, in the hallway. no more splinters! except in trent's room. sunday, I went bridesmaid-dress shopping with my sister and my niece, who is getting married in late august. sean and bella went to baby disco with nicole and mark and noah and jess. boy, do I wish I went with them.

not that dress shopping isn't fun. however, dress shopping with tiny petite people who are tan does take some of the luster away. I started trying on dresses alongside my cousin, who is 20 something and a size 0. I'm not exaggerating, that's her size. I almost fit into the dresses on the racks. they were one size too small. so I wasn't able to zip them up all the way. but you certainly got the picture. now, on the other hand, jackie was at least 5 sizes smaller than the dresses on the racks. however, my sister's horror at seeing me in those dresses made me scurry back into the dressing room and leave the trying-on to jackie. even though someone had to stand behind her and hold the dress tight so we could see what they looked like. in retrospect, I'm kind of offended, I guess. I did say to denise (my sister - denise/patrice, they rhyme. get it? my mom says it was unintentional) that I would be wearing whatever dress they pick, so it might behoove them to see me in it in all my giant glory to get a more accurate depiction of what it will look like at, you know, the actual wedding. ah well, whatever. we did spend all day at bridal shops only to find the dress she wanted at david's bridal, which for you other-places folk is a giant chain of bridal shops on the east coast. maybe it's national, I don't know. in any case, it's bright coral and empire waisted, so some things work for me and some against me. I clearly will have to diet and tan this summer. at least it gives me a goal.

it snowed over the weekend and that really convinced me to take my fall stuff down and put up my xmas decorations. it hardly ever snows before january here. we always hope for a white christmas and we hardly ever get it. it's supposed to snow again today already. I hope this doesn't keep up all winter. I don't mind driving in the snow, but I hate other drivers who do mind because they fuck it all up for the rest of us.

and...I don't have a good way to end this not cohesive post. how about this? what's your favorite holiday song and why? I don't have a clue what mine is yet. I'll let you know.

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lonna said...

I only went bridesmaid dress shopping once, and it was horrible. My friend was about your size, maybe a little taller, but not much. I was just giant compared to her and the other friend who went with us. Luckily, we ended up with a deep red/wine colored dress, so my pale skin looked okay. I can't even imagine coral against my highly pink skin.

We have David's out here too. So I bet it's national.

I don't really have a favorite holiday song, since we don't really celebrate winter holidays at our house. I do love the Heat Miser/Snow Miser song from the Christmas without a Santa Claus. I actually caught that the other night.

Good job on your presentation. I bet you're glad it's over with.

NME said...

Coral is an evil color - and very eighties. Though you sent me a picture of the dress I still picture it with giant poof sleeves.

I have a couple of favorites but silver bells comes to mind. It's Christmas time in the city. Oh - and The Christmas Song.

KATIEmagic said...

Oh not a size zero? I have never been a size zero in my life. AND tan? I think that might be my idea of hell no matter how much I loved those people.

It was 91 degrees here on Saturday so no snow for us. You lucky non-southerners with your snow and your ice and your cool temps. (OK so it's cold here today but come on 91!?)

KATIEmagic said...

Oh, and of course, White Christmas is my favorite holiday song. I've never seen one, and have always wanted to.

Katy said...

Ok, so my friend got married...last year, the year before...whatever I've blocked it out. Anyway, she was a total spaz. I was her maid of honor. We went and tried on nice pretty decent dresses and she said she would make her decision. A couple days later she brought over my dress. A purple, spaghetti strapped, glittery monstrosity. With a slit up one side (of an already short skirt) that pretty much denied me the joy of control top panty hose. Oh, and she got me a medium. Thanks honey but I'm let's just say, buxom. She bought them at Deb. Have you ever been to Deb? I don't know if they have them or what they're like out here, but the one here is where hookers get their party clothes. I actually went and bought another dress (for like 10 bucks) and chopped it up to make a scarf because I was just that uncomfortable. Then I broke out in a rash from all the glitter. I still find that freaking purple glitter in my closet.

By the way, David's must be national because they have them here too.

TD said...

Oh man. That dress-shopping expedition sounds like my worst nightmare. Luckily, Jen's mom made our dresses for her wedding, and Dottie chose black (though it was the most ill-fitting, unflattering black dress ever) for her bridesmaids, and there were like 80 of us, so no one noticed me shifting uncomfortably to keep my straps from falling down.

I love holiday music, so it's tough to pick a favorite. How about my favorite for today? It's a toss-up between "2000 Miles" by the Pretenders, "Father Christmas" by the Kinks, and "Christmas Wrapping" by The Waitresses.

Congrats on the presentation!

jon said...

Theresa took my favorite songs, all 3 of them. Damn you, Theresa! Always ONE STEP AHEAD!