it's beginning to look a lot like a disorganized mess replete with massive credit card debt

I am, habitually, a christmas-eve shopper. this is for several reasons. one is that I am a procrastinator, which I'm sure you find shocking. two is that I get so excited to give people presents that I can hardly contain myself and so making the wait from purchase to giving as short as possible makes me way more calm. three is that it is tradition, and it is comforting, and I even have learned to enjoy shopping with all the last-minuters.

and now, I have added a fourth reason: elimination of second-guessing. I counted 23 presents under the tree yesterday before I had even wrapped everything - BEFORE wrapping sean, trent, and bella's gifts. so that's just friends and family. I am estimating about 26 people in all that we buy for. we've had to cut back on how much we spend, because....at $30 a pop average, that's $780, then there's the parental gifts that cost more. and as you can see by my masterful travel planning, we can't be throwing money around like that because we may need it. so I went out early this year, hunting bargains. and I did well. and I did well fairly quickly. I have everything purchased and wrapped and it's only the 20th. but then, I'd think of what I got people and start worrying that it wasn't enough. a nice frilly scarf and beaded wool hat and a cute indian-mosaic mirror for jo-anne seems like a good gift, right? but is it BIG ENOUGH? a warm sweater with an irish shamrock and some other irishness on it, which was more expensive than most of the other gifts already, for sean's dad seems like a great gift, but shouldn't there be more to open??

now I'm finding myself buying more stuff to supplement the gifts I got already, because I'm all worried about how they'll be perceived. how stupid is that?? at least when I do my last minute stuff, there's no time to worry about how it'll be perceived. I probably would have spent less. plus, because I already wrapped stuff and ran out of the wrapping paper I used to wrap the original presents, the supplemental presents are wrapped in different paper. and it's wildly different, as I used blueish paper to wrap the first batch of gifts and I only had red and green ho ho ho and xmas tree paper to wrap the rest. so now I'm freaking out that they'll KNOW it was a supplemental gift. god. I am SURE this isn't what baby jesus wanted.

in other news, jarrett and his wife jenal gave birth to a (compared to their firstborn, tiny) little baby girl today shortly after 8am. they named her lucy. so cute. babies, babies everywhere! but not a cheek to eat.

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Missuz J said...

I do the same thing. That is, worry about gifts and then by supplimentals. However--this year I've kept myself from doing so--thus far. Will probably start suplimenting some time Thursday or Friday, though I've promised myself not to.

I'm of the mind that Christmas every other year would be a nice thing.

lonna said...

We've made a deal that we don't buy gifts for anyone in either family. The only gifts that we have bought are for Dermot. Actually, I just bought Ethan some stupid gifts today, but they are more of a joke than anything.

When I was buying gifts for my family, I would do the same thing, though. Is this enough? Should there be more packages or one good package. Ugh. It's so stressful.

Jen O. said...

You're not alone. I think everyone feels that "supplemental gift guilt," yet I can't think of even one time where I ever thought, "So and so didn't give me enough!"

It's safe to say that most people (especially adults) wouldn't think, "Patrice didn't give me enough!"

NME said...

I HEAR YOU! I am VERY familiar with the pain of supplemental gifts and overanalysis of what is good enough and whether there is enough packages. In fact that IS one of the major reasons I wait until the last minute to shop. That and the wanting to tell people what I got them thing.

Every year I tell myself I will enjoy Christmas more, and every year it doesn't happen. Maybe next year?

KATIEmagic said...

I'm REALLY bad about wanting to give people their presents the minute I buy them. It drives Kent crazy. I just get so excited!

Rebecca said...

The title of that post cracked me up.

The only people I got gifts for this year were my parents; my friends and I agreed not to exchange presents since we're all poor college students. Well, one of them burned me a copy of a CD she had that I liked and called that my Christmas present, which was nice.

I guess being a teenager I'm not expected to be a fantastically generous gift-giver. You people scare me, though-- does this mean that when I'm older (hahaha, you old people), I'll hate Christmas too? lol.

Jen said...

We only buy gifts for the kids. My little neice and nephew get presents, and we send cards to everyone else. Andy sent a big gift basket to his whole huge extended family up in Ohio, but that is it. I tend to think of Christmas gift giving as more for kids anyway. I know I certainly don't want anything for Christmas from anyone, and it gets expensive, like you said. It is fun and easy to buy for the little ones, and I will continue to do that, but that is all.

For the members of Andy's family that just HAD to give a gift, we requested that they send a donation in our name to the poodle rescue group that we got Annabel from.