HAPPY (one day late) BIRTHDAY, LONNA!!

ode to lonna, in haiku:

lonna, beautiful
friend and blogger buddy too
hap, happy birthday.

ode to lonna, in bad country song:

well, she found a lone soul from pennsylvaniaaah
and she married him up riiiight
they sit up eatin tofu
every single niiiight
they got two cats and a youngin
they fill their house with luuuuuuv
they just need to meet some vegan punks
it's what they're dreamin uuuuuv.

ode to lonna, in cheer:

lonna, lonna, she's our girl
if she can't do it, I will hurl!

3 validations:

lonna said...

Oh, did that make me laugh! Thanks a ton.

Kodi said...

Wonderful poem! You're one talented gal.

Stine said...

Shit Lonna, Happy Belated Bday!