I blame congress

I just sat here for almost 6 minutes with my hands poised over the keyboard, staring into space, open-eyed sleeping.

last night, I put bella into bed and...

before I go on, I have to mention that I have a serious fear that talking about things makes them happen. like thinking about spilling stuff or worrying about accidentally saying "fuck" in a meeting with the boss's boss's boss, or saying "bella hasn't had a diaper blowout in a while". so I say what I'm about to say with a word to the goddesses of karma or whatev to please, don't make what I say come true. I've seen movies and read books. I'm too tired to deal with something of that nature.

so I put bella into bed and I swear to whomever that I thought she was possessed. I literally was waiting for her to levitate off the crib mattress. what the fuck.

I hope you don't think I'm saying this for comic effect, that I thought she was possessed. I really mean it. in my sleep-deprived mind, I was scared that she had a writhing demon inside of her at the time. I even mentioned it to sean when I got back into bed - an HOUR later. it was freakish and I hope it never happens again. that said, I am positive we'll have a repeat tonight.

sweet dreams.

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jon said...

what do you mean? was she speaking in foreign languages? mocking the bible? walking on the ceiling?

seansylvania said...

Not exactly. If so, we'd be sued for plagiarism, and I don't want to have to deal with Blatty or Friedken. For about an hour straight, she did nothing but scream at the top of her lungs and cry as if her finger was caught in the doorjam. Patrice thought it was a belly ache, but this was far too severe of a scream to be tagged a belly ache. She gave Bella Little Tummies (TM) to be safe. Something was not right, but it was unclear as to what was wrong. It all happened so suddenly. When I got up this morning, Patrice had me check on her to see if she was alright. She was sleeping as if nothing had occurred. Very strange. Eat your heart out, Dr. Richard Ferber! Try ignoring that one.

the beige one said...

Well, first: >Knocking on wood<

How old's the kid? It isn't colicky season, is it?

Lastly, if it comes to it: Holy water and the phrase "The power of christ compels you!"

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Poor baby! I wonder what was wrong - did she allow you to hold her and comfort her?

Having said that - POOR MOMMY - that's some scary moments when you have no idea what is wrong but no doubt that something is terribly - life shattering - wrong!

Here's hoping for a better night tonight.

Missuz J said...

SO sorry for Bella, but mostly for you. I'll say a prayer to the goddess of sleeping babies for you.

KATIEmagic said...

Oh no, that sounds awful. Here's to a good nights sleep tonight for all of yous guys.

lonna said...

I hope that things go better tonight. I can't stand when Dermot has trouble sleeping and I don't know why. To me it's been one of the most frustrating aspects of parenting. I really hope that she, and therefore you two, has a peaceful night tonight.

By the way I think it's catching over the internet. Dermot went to bed a whole hour later than usual tonight. I just let him stay up, though. I wasn't up for a fight.