stuff babies do

my mom called me yesterday (we talk maybe once a month, if we're lucky) and since I hadn't seen her since bella's birthday party, I realized I had alot to tell her about bella. and then I realized there was a lot of stuff going on with bella, stuff I haven't really properly acknowledged in a while.

things started changing so fast once she turned one. she started talking alot more, and her personality really started showing. and then of course she started walking. and talking more. and being empathetic.

this morning, bella said "thank you" for the first time. (well, the first time I heard her, anyways.) the other night, she picked up her baby doll and hugged it and pet its head and gave it a toy bottle. she's begun pointing to our eyes and nose and mouth and teeth. she loves her feet and likes to put on shoes. in short, she is no longer a baby. as sean and I say to each other often while we watch her sleep, she's a bona-fide KID.

as you know, this is bitter-sweet for me. this is the last time that I'll be going through this and it's sad to look at what will never happen again. no more first words or steps or hearing "mama" for the first time. I guess we still have a ton of firsts to go, but it's still kind of sad.

so, bella's vocabulary is, to date: mama, daddy, hiya, bye bye, night-night, thank you, doggie, maggie, trent, brett, uh oh, hot, banana, cup (she says "cuppa"), and my new favorite, nononononono. apparently, I don't just say no once, I say no no no no, so she says nonononononono when she doesn't want to do something. she's walking really well, can turn around and get up without holding onto things, she can crouch down (which, by the way, is adorable), and loves to throw the tennis ball for the dog. she loves to dance and shake her butt, she plays hide and seek with trent where she crouches out of sight and then says "RAAAAAWR!" (which, by the way, is adorable.) she also says "whooooaaaaaaa" whenever she does something new or falls or climbs on something, which, by the way, is adorable.

I love this kid.

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Rebecca said...

She sounds amazing. I think that's about my favorite age of kid, between when they grow out of being a baby and when they start school for real. I love toddlers.

lonna said...

The great part is that all of that stays cute for a long time, and it is joined by even more cute stuff. Yeah. I still love to watch Dermot crouching while he's trying to get something or get a close look at something. I love that Bella plays with Maggie. Dermot wants to so badly, but the cats just won't go there. Yeah Bella! So many accomplishments.

Stine said...


That's fantastic. Out of the mouths of babes. How old is she specifically?

NME said...

Her vocabulary is AMAZING for a 13 month old. Really and truly. I'm constantly struck by how differently children develop. There as different as .... real PEOPLE.

NME said...

Oh. And I second it. She is ADORABLE.

rob said...

I'd like to see a post by Bella:


Hiya Mama. Cuppa cuppa, thank you.

Daddy, hot banana. Whoooooaaaaaa!

Nonononononono, Trent. RAAAAAWR!

Bye bye

Does this mean you'll be changing your title to Patrice's Kid Attack?

Missuz J said...

What a sweet sweet little gal. I love the wooahh too.

KATIEmagic said...

I think my favorite thing you listed is her saying woooooaaaahhhhh when she does something new. Too freakin adorable.

Jen said...

I would love to see all this, but your writing paints a lovely picture of Miss Bella.