my heart is full of unwashed socks, my soul is full of gunk

my side table in the kitchen is filled with beautiful cards from all over the place. (even as far as utah.) I am so grateful for everyone who takes the time to send us a card.

I, however, am a cold, heartless bitch who...I don't like to admit it...NEVER sends christmas cards. I think I might have sent them out once, perhaps. but not recently, and not this year.

it's not that I'm lazy, even though I'm totally lazy, but that's not why I don't send them. I don't know what it is, really. we were never really card-givers growing up. it was pretty much only birthdays that warranted cards. sean's family, however, gives cards for all sorts of occasions, including christmas and, oddly, easter. or maybe that's not odd. I think it's odd.

so anyways, if you haven't received a card from me, it's not because I don't like you and definitely not because I am not grateful for whatever you may have sent to me. because I totally am grateful. it's because I'm grinchy when it comes to cards.

so anyways, this will probably be my last post until next wednesday, when I return to the ghost town that will be my place of employment. those two days next week that I'm working (weds, thurs) should be total CAKE. I'm talking possible double, triple, QUADRUPLE post days. I'll tell you all about how bella liked christmas, how the plumber fucked us over with our hot water coil thingie, and stuff I don't even know about yet, like how I'm going to win thousands of dollars on those scratch off lottery tickets.

until then, have a merry christmas if you're into that kind of thing, and if not, have a happy whatever you and yours celebrate, even if that's only the fact that all the christian weirdos are not out on sunday clogging up the stores and restaurants. uh oh, brain overload, friends and husbands of mine who are not christian and who celebrate christmas...cannot reconcile in my mind my last sentence...are you inherently christian if you celebrate christmas?? oh well. I leave you to ponder that. I'm outta here.

6 validations:

the beige one said...

solstice ain't just for wiccans and hippies anymore! Happy solstice to you and yours.

lonna said...

I mainly send out Christmas cards because I like to receive them, and I feel guilty if I want them but don't send them out. I also only really like to receive cards that have a personal message. I hate cards that are just signed. We wrote up a two page year in review because I love reading other people's letters so much.

amandak said...

I totally intended to send out cards this year, particularly since we moved since last christmas. Alas, it was not to be. I'm bad at follow through with that kind of stuff. For example, I have two adorable 1 year birthday cards sitting around that were supposed to go to Bella and Noah, and I have cards I bought from the last 2 christmases stuffed in with the wrapping paper. Maybe I'll send Happy New Year's cards this year. Or Martin Luther King jr. Day? My craftiness and interest in addressing things apparently evaporated with the birth of my second child. I'll just blame it on him, he'll never kow.

Stine said...

Happy Giftmas, Holidays, Kwanza, yippiekiAYE muthafucka, and all that jazz.

The Buddhist Christian Oxymormon.

poot said...

if you didn't get a card from me, it's because i don't like you. i'm not writing any apologetic blog posts about it, neither. so thar.


poot said...

i'm sorry. i'm so sorrry, i didn't send you a card. i'm sorry. the guilt is eating my soul.
-love, poot.