updates and clown cars

not that I'm nicole's personal mouthpiece or anything, but I see that the list of comments over at her site are growing. she seems to be doing okay. I think the primary issue for her is seeing her mother so distraught. I can only guess that there may be some feelings about larry himself that she needs to sort out, but as she has mentioned, they were not very close. the mood up there is sad and harried, with lots of people calling and stuff happening, all with an inquisitive boy in an unbabyproofed house with no baby gates. I think they will be travelling home on monday evening, so I'm hoping she'll be able to post herself on tuesday. I'm trying to simultaneously be there for her and not bug her.

so last night, we decided to knock out bella's christmas shopping. as in stuff for bella. now, I don't know what's going on lately, but our usually mellow, laid back baby has rocketed herself into terrible twodom already. we used to pride ourselves on being able to take bella to restaurants and other establishments without much fuss. now that she can walk and has discovered the power of the tantrum, though, it's not quite so easy. in fact, it's not easy at all. we went to the new macaroni grill in montgomeryville because it's right next to toys r us, and because we were celebrating sean getting crazy excellent remarks (and a raise) from his performance review. the plan was to meet there after I ran some errands (consisting of buying super-hold-you-in underwear and taking the dress I purchased at macy's back to macy's to take off the stupid sensor) and after bella woke up from her spiritually cleansing nap, refreshed and ready to have a meal at a restaurant.

well, we met, we were served promptly, the tables are covered in white paper and crayons are provided so there's endless areas on which to scribble, and there are people on all sides ooing and ahhing over her, so you'd think we'd be in the clear. nope. after she exorcisted her torso around almost 360 degrees in an attempt to get out of the high chair, she threw one of several mini tantrums. boots went flying. crayons catapulted. chicken bits landed hither and thither. finally, I told sean to just pack her up and take her to toys r us and I'd take care of the check and all that.

the plan for toys r us was that bella had no idea that we were buying her stuff anyways, and both of us wanted to be there for the toy purchasing. first off, toys r us is a big place, but oddly, has very little selection apparently. second, bella was racing around with a toy banana she found somewhere that looked very dirty, and by the time I went to the checkout, I had to call sean on his cell phone to find out where in the store he was, so there went the shopping together idea. our big gift for her is a play kitchen, and while TRU had a few on display (including that hideous dora the explora one which will never find its way into our home, goddamn football headed freak) many were not in stock. however, the one I wanted had just come in, as a kindly employee seeing me checking out the display models said. so I did get the one I wanted, and it was on sale. nice.

we got a few other things, including a kid sized foam chair with a picture of elmo on it in a bright yellow covering that seems to be big bird skin, and then we got into the line at checkout. cue the next tantrum when we try to pry the dirty plastic banana out of bella's hands and put her coat on. seriously. isn't she too young for this???? so I send sean on his way again since all I'm doing is paying and we drove separately. I had a 20% coupon good on one item only, so I used it. a woman behind me, who for some reason didn't want to use her coupon, gave me hers, so I got another 20% off another product. nice. twists and turns, these days.

I get all the stuff but the kitchen out to the car and pack it up. thank god bella's not in the car. I drive around to the front of the store to load up the kitchen and holy fucking shit. the box is huge. I'm having an ikea moment. you know, when you buy too much shit at ikea and then realize that there's no way you can fit it all in your car. the guy who brought the kitchen box outside said, "you ain't gonna fit this in there." thanks. so I call sean - come back quickly! you need to put some of this in your car! as I'm making the call, the guy is rearranging everything in my car and somehow, some way, makes it fit. I can hardly put the car in gear because there's shit on the console and the car seat is now upside down in the front seat, and I can only use my side mirrors to see out of the car, but I'm self contained. so I called sean again - nevermind! go back home!

of course, I had one more stop to make, as sean's department was having a potluck something or other, and I was (or "sean" was) supposed to make pumpkin dip. and we don't have pumpkin laying around, nor cream cheese. (sidenote: I believe that cream cheese is disgusting, vile, and of the devil.) so I got that stuff, threw it on top of my now-crumpled and wrinkled dress that is on top of the car seat in the front seat, and made it home. and saintly sean, he unloaded the whole car and put everything in its right place.

now how the hell am I going to wrap that huge kitchen??

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Allison said...

We bought my daughter a kitchen her 2nd Christmas (a little tikes kitchen). It was on sale the spring before and had free shipping, so I didn't have to worry about fitting it in my car. We kept it hidden in a closet from April until December (boy was that tough!). I put the kitchen together the night before Christmas and just put a big bow on it and we told her it was from "santa". It was a little easier than wrapping it, I guess. I know what you mean about TRU being out of a lot of things. I think it's partly because it's Christmas time and things are getting sold out and not replenished. I have noticed this at other stores too and even online (walmart.com, target.com, etc). Good luck!

Allison said...

PS - No, it's definitely NOT too early for tantrums to start. Seems all kids start having them at different ages and I have friends with babies as young as yours (and younger) that act just as you say Bella does!

Missuz J said...

Several random thoughts

Soph has a hand-me-down kitchen and it has been one of her favorite toys. Keeping track of all the play food and plates and other assorted crap has been tricky though.

Dora? She's not THAT bad.

I call them squeezy panties, and own 2 pair.

It's hard to be supportive and not bugging at the same time.

Score on the sale items!

Pumpkin dip? Sounds weird. Although, as you know, I must beg to differ with you on the creem cheese, as it is one of the perfect foods in the world--and really, it makes almost anything you put it on more delicious.

lonna said...

Dermot's getting a play kitchen this Christmas too. Either my parents are buying it for him and shipping it out here or we're going to buy it for him after Christmas. I want an old fashioned wooden one, and I can't find one in any of the stores. We have to go all the way to Des Moines to go to TRU, and we just haven't been in the mood to do that. It's about a 45-60 minute trip.

I was wondering when Bella and Noah were going to start acting up. I've been writing all of these posts about how crazy Dermot is and how difficult he can be to handle and you guys were writing these my baby is so great and doing all these cool things posts:) Dermot started really pushing my sanity around 11 months I think. He kept fighting diaper changes and it was down hill from there. He can still go out to eat with us, though. He loves to see all of the other people.

I certainly don't have any advice for you, not that you need it, but I'm right there with you!

Rebecca said...

Aww, I wish I were still a little kid. How often do I see an ad for a little kid toy and think, why didn't they have that when I was little, huh??? Too often.

Lucky Bella.

Stine said...

Man I got tired just reading that. I think I'd end up lost and crying in the middle of Toys R Us.

KATIEmagic said...

Ha! An Ikea moment. I had no idea this was a phenomenon. Thought it was just our stupidity. I can't wait to see pictures of miss Bella in her kitchen.

NME said...

Thanks for both being there and not bugging me. You rock and both.

Noah has suddenly become very independent and whiney too. I had to leave a restaurant before my meal was finished on Saturday night to take him home. In his defense it was a three hour meal and we lit out of there after two and a half hours - but still. He was miserable. And the shopping - Christmas shopping with a child who wants to run aimlessly around the store is like torture. It must be a terrible two teaser.