up the ante

it is tuesday, and I am severely procrastinating. I have a big presentation to do on friday, which has to be completed by thursday. which is the day after tomorrow. my bowels clench with the thought. though here I am blogging.

remind me of this when I start bitching about trent leaving a project till the last day.

thanksgiving was nice despite my sweet potato casserole not making it to the table. leftovers the next day with my chosen family (my friends) was great. we got a driveby carpet installation (ie, not planned) on saturday and on sunday, sean took bella to joe quick's house to watch the game and I got some me time, which I spent at walmart and target. monday, nicole and noah came to hang out and have lunch. and all the while I was worried about this presentation.

which is has to be completed by thursday. the day after tomorrow.

and here I am blogging.

bella is talking up a storm lately, asking for nanas by name, saying night night when I turn off the light, saying bye bye when I pick up my purse, giving her baby doll kisses and saying "ahhh-ahhhhhh" to her while rocking her, and doing alot of mimicking. she thinks all food is "hot" now, and says so, and waits for me to blow on it. I'm also teaching her the word "yucky" so that she won't put random stuff in her mouth. (I almost typed random shit, which would be more fitting, since I once had to call a pediatrician to ask what I should do if my son ingested a fairly large quantity of dog poop...I think I mentioned that before.)

so did I mention today is tuesday? and here I am blogging.

okay. okay. I have to get to work. sigh.

maybe I'll just post about my ingrown toenails.....

I HAVE TO GET TO WORK. okay. okay. alright. bye.

12 validations:

NME said...

Presentation, smesentation. I'd rather you blog.

What were you shopping for at Walmart and Target? Christmas shopping begun yet?

Loved your sweet potato casserole. The inlaws missed out.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

That was great! Ummm if your reading this I should remind you that it is TUESDAY and you have..............cause you know Thursday is just 2 days away

Missuz J said...

:) for talking bella
:( for presentation.

Let us know how it goes--and fuck whoever didn't put your casserole on the table. Stupid bitch.

lonna said...

That's sweet that Bella is talking so much. Dermot loves to find my purse and say byebye while he carries it to the garage door. Toddlers are oh so cute.

I am lord god of procrastination, so I feel your pain.

the beige one said...

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of blogging willy nilly
Or to take arms against a sea of presentations
And by opposing end them.

Or summat.

I face this dilemna on an almost daily basis.

You can see where my priorities lay.

KATIEmagic said...

Good luck with the preso!!

Kat said...

No chance you can claim the blog as your presentation huh?


Katy said...

Finals are in a week and half and I have about a billion assignments to do and yet here I am...blogging. I feel your pain

Jen said...

You definitely mentioned the poop eating before; I could never forget that.

Now get to work!

Just kidding.

Rebecca said...

yay, join the procrastination club.

amandak said...

That's so funny, I was dreaming of being right in the middle of crunch time procrastination last night. I was queen procrastinator when it came to packing for our trip to Utah last week. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess), I don't have anything important enough going on right now to procrastinate on. Looking forward to hearing how the presentation goes.

I love the idea of an after Thanksgiving leftovers friend party. That sounds fabulous.

Stine said...

Sweet potato casserole, yum.

Dog poop, not so yum.