the short short

the sixers - fun. bella had fun banging on the glass and watching the lights, just like at the flyers game.

the arm - I went to the doctor's yesterday and I have tendonitis. me and nicole are tendonitis twins. only mine is in my forearm. the rx for that? nothing. a wrist brace that was prescribed but "probably won't work since it doesn't cover the part of your arm that actually hurts." well thanks, doc. he said, though, that I could try an ace bandage. excellent.

the baby - she's so animated lately with making faces. and noises. she does this one "meeeum, meeeum, meeum" that is adorable.

the other baby - he said his cell was good, but the other kids used more creative stuff. one made a cell out of a bowl filled with hair gel in which he suspended various things that were supposed to represent cell parts. and one made a cake and decorated the top to look like a cell. I told him that his cell was probably way more detailed. hair gel?

the biggest baby - just kidding, seaner. he's doing well, I think. we haven't connected much this week. I hope over the weekend we can slow down. at least next weekend is our anniversary celebration weekend (a month late) and we're going to participate in a murder. I love killing people.

maybe more later?

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lonna said...

I hope that you all got to enjoy your weekend. The hair gel cell cracks me up. It reminds me of my own high school experience. We had to make a double helix of DNA in my sophomore biology class, and everyone in my group forgot which day we were going to do it, so none of us brought supplies in. So we made DNA out of "stuff in Lonna's huge purse". I don't even remember what we used. I do remember that gum was in there a lot and the teacher supplied pipe cleaners. We actually got a C, which I thought was pretty good for doing such a piss poor job. I think that she only gave us that grade because everything that we did was correct and I knew more about the DNA strands than anyone else in the class. It looked so pathetic!