happy birthday, flagless

sean just informed me that today is maggie mcallister d'puppy's 4th birthday. happy birthday, sha-puppy!

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you know, sadly, I don't have as many pictures of maggie now as I used to before bella. I used to take so many pictures of the pets that we have whole photo albums (4 of them) devoted to them. and now I had to scan way back to find good ones. and they're not all that good.

the silver lining? I found this old picture of trent:

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4 validations:

Jen said...

I like the trent picture- that's funny!

TD said...

The Trent Godiva picture is a keeper to be sure, but damn, I'm a sucker for puppy photos. I love Maggie's sidelong glance of doom!

lonna said...

Happy Birthday Maggie. We don't know our cats' birthdays, but we know roughly how old they are, so I chose their birthdays. That makes it easier on me. We don't have very many good pictures of Chana since Dermot's been around, but Soya is quite the ham, so she still gets quite a few taken of her. I love that picture of Trent. What a great black mail picture for you when he's older.

KATIEmagic said...

Aw! Happy birthday Maggie dog!