a ride on the flying pig

so this'll be my last post (unless I get really inspired later) until probably tuesday, as this weekend we are going to the poconos for our murder mystery anniversary weekend. I have off tomorrow to take bella and magguillis to my dad and kkkkkkkathy's and then we leave as soon as sean gets home from work, around 3:30ish. I think it's going to be c-c-cold up there, and speaking of cold, you'll notice I refrained from saying that Kathy might put my dog to sleep without me knowing.

let's get to last night. so we put the crib up in our room, as you know. and I've been putting bella in the crib, as you know. well, tuesday night was sort of hellish in that bella went to bed at 10:30, woke up at midnight, woke up again at 2:30, again at 6:30, and again at 7:30 for good. nursing all the while. so I braced myself for a tough night again last night, especially since at 10:30, she had no signs of being tired. in fact, she was wanting me to chase her around and kept making the sign for "eat" and pointing to the cookie crisp.

so I nursed her to sleep, which took about 15 mins, and put her in the crib. her eyes opened. I silently prayed. she fell back to sleep. so I climbed into bed and rather rudely pushed sean away because just for a little while, I wanted to stretch out (which is relative in our bed) and just lay down with no one and nothing touching me. we eventually put the dog on the bed and I fell asleep. I woke up at midnight. nothing going on. so much nothing going on that I thought something must be wrong. but I went back to sleep. a few hours later, I wake up again to nothing. so I check bella to make sure she's still alive, because it's impossible that she's sleeping this long. because this has never, ever happened. so then at 4am, I giddily wake sean up (and this is important, because the man has to be up at 4:30 for work. you know how you hate it when you wake up just before your alarm goes off? well, I gave that present to sean this morning.) and I tell him that bella has not woken up once so far tonight. and I am so giddy that I can't get back to sleep, which worked out because I gave myself a coughing fit that woke her up. I nursed her for 5 minutes, she fell back to sleep, and I put her back in the crib. and she did not wake up again until I had to wake her up at 7:45 to get dressed to leave.

hallefuckingluiah! now if it just happens again tonight.

in other news,

I started the above sentence thinking that if I'm not going to be blogging for a while, I may want to get out all my thoughts now so that I have room for more ideas for blogs in my head, but as I typed that comma, I realized...there's nothing. I got nothing.

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lonna said...

I hope that she continues to sleep well for you guys. Once Dermot got the knack of sleeping through the night, he was pretty much constant. He only gets up once in a while, that's why it's so awful when it does happen.

Have a great anniversary weekend. If it's going to be cold, you two will just have to snuggle even more!

Katy said...

I think it's funny that even though she's sleeping through the night you're not. Whenever I tend Sophie overnight (which has been once)I got up about 100 times because I was worried that I wouldn't get up when she did. Or that she would stop breathing, or get kidnapped or something.

amandak said...

Yay for sleeping all night long!!

Maybe she just needed her own space? Funny how that happens sometimes.

Fingers crossed for YOU to get a full night tonight.

Missuz J said...


That is the absolute total bomb!!!!!!!! Congratulations to you and bella, and here's wishing many many more nights of sleep for all of you!!!

KATIEmagic said...

Have a great time! Enjoy the sleeping.