the downloading

finally, I downloaded all the pictures from both bellaween and noahpalooza.

first, bellaween. this is the best picture I have of bella in her costume. I guess it just didn't occur to me to take pictures of all of us in our full costume, probably because I am an idiot.

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trent looked excellent as hercule poirot, but the mustache was bothering him. however, he still looks dapper with his drink.

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sean's dad bill looked suspiciously like he was in blackface, but I am pretty sure it was just camo paint. my black wig looks shiny.

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bella's cake turned out excellent. I ordered it over the phone, and had no idea what it was going to look like. I just told them to make it cool and halloweeny.

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so on halloween proper, after trick or treating, we gave bella her birthday tastycake.

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and she LOVED it.

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and then there was noahpalooza at nicole and mark's. I didn't get a ton of shots of noah, or of anyone, for that matter. but here's a couple, starting with the view of noah I seemed to have most, as there were so many people vying for his attention.

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everyone was doing little photo shoots with noah, including jen.

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even though you saw this cake on nicole's blog, or was it jen's? anyways, here's another picture.

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and last but not least, my biggest contribution to the party, the "bucket of meat". this was toward the end of the night. or my night, actually, as the night itself wore on till 1:30. I think that the lack of meat in the bucket of meat shows that the bucket was a resounding success. trays of meat may look nice, but no one can resist the bucket. except, of course, all of us who have meat issues. lonna/ethan/nicole/me, I'm looking at you.

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lonna said...

What great pictures! Bella's cake is awesome. I love that you and Bella had similar outfits. So cute, you two little witches. I also love Trent as M. Poirot. What a great idea.

The bucket of meat is pretty disturbing, but my dad would have been in heaven.

KATIEmagic said...

I love Bella's little black shoes. And I know I say this all the time, but both of those babies are just so damn cute!

Katy said...

The bucket of meat is BRILLIANT! When I worked at the bank I would bring snacks on days I knew would be busy so we could all keep our energy up. I brought a meat and cheese tray once and it was a pain in the butt cuz everything kept slipping around, had it been in a bucket there would have been no escaping! Adorable party! And great cake.

Heather Evans said...

hi patrice,

i'm still figuring out the do's and dont's of blogging, but i've been wanting to leave a little thank you note to you, so, fuck it, i'm doing it. thanks so much for reading and commenting and supporting, it means a lot to me, especially given that we don't really know each other. i've been reading your blog, too, and yours is one of the coolest little families i (don't really) know. i'm liking changing that "don't really" part.

happy belated bellaween!


Kodi said...

I need me some bucket of meat. I'll take it when my husband and I go on the mountain to get wood. Hahahahaha. Seriously, I must tell my hubby about your bucket of meat. He'll want one for Christmas, for sure.