things you might not know about sean

since I did everyone else but the pets, I thought I would tell you some things about sean. I am going to keep it clean and not reveal all secrets, though.

1. he has a gap-toothed smile. (this is for cyber blog interweb buddies who haven't seen him in person.) he also always has some form of beard.

2. he played baseball as a kid and still relives the glory. I think he said he was the fastest pitcher in all of northeast philly or the world or something.

3. he LOVES beer. like coors light and bud. just kidding. he's a total beer snob. he likes fruity beers, and loves hoppy beers. his favorite breweries include magic hat, dogfish head, and victory. although I think victory is falling out of favor for him as his tastes broaden due to consumption of copious amounts of micro brews lately. I'm fairly sure IPAs are his favorite style of beer, though he likes porters and stouts, and cask-conditioned beers. I think his least favorite is pilsner. he likes a darker beer better than a lighter one. unless we're talking about that chocolate beer he had that one time at sugar mom's during vinnie's 21st birthday. anyways, the point is that he loves beer and drinks some every day - in an "I love the taste" way, not in a "get patrice to al-anon" way.

4. his favorite food is mexican.

5. he loves to travel. in fact, that was a worry of his before we had bella - whether or not we'd still be able to travel. he's been to canada, mexico, france, germany, ireland, and a bunch of other european countries, but there are still lots of places he wants to go. me too.

6. he stinks in his sleep. somehow his pores just open up and ooze out whatever he ate that day. god forbid it was laden with garlic. I love him dearly but he does stink.

7. he loves metal. not as in metal, as in metal. he has really diverse taste in music on the whole (he won't listen to country or gospel - I think everything else is a go. INCLUDING KELLY CLARKSON.) he is very passionate about the music he likes. I think you may remember his annual pilgrimage to the new england metal and hardcore fest each april. he also has an "impressive" collection of band T-shirts that he wears proudly. most of the bands he has shirts for are pretty tame (between the buried and me, cryptopsy, coalesce - except that pesky skull) but some are a little more risque (pig destroyer, the one that I bought him that says "swedish as fuck" on the back). I want him to wear his witchery shirt the next time the jehovah's witnesses come.

8. he feels pretty good about himself when he is wearing a new shirt.

9. he loves the eagles, flyers, and phillies. he's definitely a philly sports fan. (sixers, not so much. not that he doesn't like them, he's just not that interested in the nba.)

10. he cries at sad movies. openly. tears all over his metal t shirts.

11. his legs are disproportionately larger than his body. I often remark that if he were as tall as what his legs are proportioned to, he'd be about 7.5' tall.

12. he has weird toenails. he gets ingrown toenails probably just as often if not more than I do. we bonded over this early in dating.

13. he seems a little menacing (or can, if he wants to be - or acts, if he's at a show) but he's a total sweetheart. he's a loyal, caring man who always does his job to the best of his ability, whether it's at work or at home. he's a good step dad and dad and a great husband. and I bet you $5 he's tearing up right now.

7 validations:

Marksthespot said...

Sean's a good man, and I'm glad I've gotten to know him. I'd trust him with my life, and want him in my corner when the shit went down.

NME said...

I'm tearing up too. I love Sean - not in a Patrice and Mark should be worried sort of way - but in a I'm so happy he's a part of my family sort of way.

KATIEmagic said...

Aw! So sweet.

Missuz J said...

I remeber when he posted that freakin' novel about the concert tour thing he went to last year. I started reading it, and was like--ok, this is not partice. Since then, it's always a treat when he posts--"Sean here." I'm glad you found such a great man.

lonna said...

So sweet. #13 fits Ethan too, much more than I think most people know. We get out there so rarely, but I know that we have really enjoyed our time with you and Sean, and from what I hear you certainly put in your time with some bad people before you wound up with someone as wonderful as Sean.

Jen O. said...

Sean is one of the most loyal, kind, thoughtful people I know. I still don't understand where you get the "scary" or "intimidating" thing from. I never thought that, even back when I first met him (which was, I think, 2000? 1999?).

We're looking forward to seeing him on Bellaween. It's been waaaaaaaaay too long.

Kodi said...

Gotta love those metalhead's. That is a sweet post about your man. Except for the stinking in his sleep, he sounds pretty near perfect. Now he needs to do one of you.