oktoberfest and pumpkin stuff. as usual, a click makes em bigger.

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sean's work friends chillin.

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steve holds bella.

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connor throws westside gang signs.

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"the floor was littered with babies."

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party people in the kitchen.

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maggie winces.

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bella scoots the mall.

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bella with her stalk.

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bella on pumpkins, nonchalant.

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bella on pumpkins.

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the kids at the shoe store fish tank.

7 validations:

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

TOO CUTE!!!!!! I love the BabyFest!

Hey hang in there remember ME a perfect stranger makes a point of readying YOUR BLOG even before I read my own daughter in laws or daughters blogs. You are a PERFECT person just the way you are!

lonna said...

Man, I want to party with your friends and the babies. The people who don't come to your parties are idiots. What great company all of you are.

NME said...

Bella on that pile of pumpkins is pure bliss. So cute!

KATIEmagic said...

Aw! Look at all the baby's! Baby Bellas face is so expressive.

Kodi said...

Babies and corn stalks. Who knew they could be so cute?

amandak said...

Cuteness! Love it.

Not that it matters, but I think you're one of the coolest chicks I've met (or not met, or whatever). And I know some cool chicks.

M.Thom said...

And whenever you and the rest of the baby brood write about your parties, I am thinking, "I wish I was really their friends so I could go to their parties too."

Anyway, I get what you are saying. I am always so excited to get invited to anything...but I don't often do the inviting because, quite honestly, sometimes I assume that people just won't want to come, and I can't handle the rejection. I am planning to have a Pampered Chef party next summer when I move up to Bill's house, and I am already worrying that no one will want to make the long drive up there to come. I have a friend who regularly has parties that I can't go to (Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple), and sometimes 10 people are there and sometimes 3 people are there, and either way, she has fun. And I couldn't handle it if only 3 people came.

Anyway, I also love the pictures...ESPECIALLY the ones of Bella on the pumpkins. I love pictures that involve babies and pumpkins.