longwood pictures

kinda quick, right? I know.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comslat from a bench

Image hosted by Photobucket.comorange flowers

Image hosted by Photobucket.comlotus

Image hosted by Photobucket.comiron gate

Image hosted by Photobucket.comlion

Image hosted by Photobucket.comself portrait w/timer

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NME said...

I wonder whose balls those are in the lion's mouth.

Love the orange of those flowers and lotus are among my favorite.

You really picked the perfect day to go. The weather was breathtaking that day.

lonna said...

These pictures are really nice and peaceful. Which it seems like you probably needed at the time. I like your self-portrait. It turned out great with the timer.

Rebecca said...

Those are beautiful! If I remember right, I think I was at Longwood once long ago, like when I was a toddler. (Maybe I'm thinking of somewhere else. I was at a big fancy garden in Pennsylvania, anyway.) I've always loved places like that. I'm glad you took the time to go relax somewhere beautiful!

KATIEmagic said...

Very cool, all of them!

Brownidegirl74 said...

I am still downloading the last few, but the couple I saw are gorgeous! I think I may download and print them! I am looking for some pics for the new house. Thanks!!

The last time I was there was in high school. Trying to remember when?!?! I am normally pretty good at that. After the prom with David...I think. I remember going with a whole bunch of folks though.

Katy said...

Very beautiful pictures. That self-portrait really captured the mood and the day I think. When we come visit will you take us there??

Jen said...

Those are really beutiful photos. I like the iron gate the best. Great composition.

TD said...

Gorgeous. I'm particularly fond of the slats, the gate, and the self portrait.

While looking at the pictures, I thought, "If I didn't know Patrice, I'd want to meet her based on those pictures alone."