showered with mice

To dream of mice is not a very good omen as the dreamer can expect
disappointments and ill will from others if the dream centers around the mice.
If you have a mouse jump on you, or get in your clothing, then you will be
involved in a scandal with a friend. If you kill the mice, you will overcome
all, but if they escape you, your strivings will be of doubtful significance.

uh oh. well, nicole already let the mouse out of the bag regarding the irony of the mouse sitings, but she didn't tell you about the fate of our house-mice, which weren't house-mice, but feed-mice. she didn't tell you about...The Stain.

first off, you may remember (I am too lazy to look it up) the hamster in the wall story, where our wonderfully respectful neighbor, who is very good with keeping his pets corralled, had let his feeder hamsters run free (directly into our wall, where they died) instead of running into the mouth of whatever he's keeping over there. alligators? snakes? the gimp? anyways, I guess they stopped selling him hamsters (because you're not supposed to feed them to stuff) and so he's back to white mice. only these white mice are substantially larger. I would dare to say that they are this close to being rats.

so, this weekend, I saw that maggie and kitchen were both pawing at the upstairs stick vac. not believing that all they wanted to do was clean up their massive fall-shedding hairballs that are thick enough in some spots so as to look like carpeting, I picked up the vac to investigate. MOUSE!! dead. and I had removed the only thing separating it from the hungry mouths and claws of our pets. so I quickly put the vac back and immediately called sean to tell him MOUSE!! apparently, I didn't put the vac back correctly (or there are two, I do not know and do not want to know) because shortly afterwards, I took bella downstairs so that she could play with her toys while I got our diaper bag ready to go to the bridal shower we were attending...and there....it.....was............completely........it was.........and right where.....

dis·em·bow·el: To remove the entrails from.
e·vis·cer·ate: To remove the entrails of; disembowel.
ex·en·ter·ate: To disembowel; eviscerate.

seriously? it was 2 feet from bella's toys. and I had to leave. and the only way I knew it was a mouse was by its tail and one small patch of white fur still left....nevermind.

so what could I do? I put a heavy glass pot lid over it and left it for sean. and there it sat for 7 more hours until sean could clean it up, something he refuses to discuss. I learned two things and two things only from my brief discussion with him about the cleanup. one was that there will be a Stain, and the other was that the mouse had not been thrown away. oh no. no, the landlord, who you will remember from sean's very nice letter about the previous smaller, nicer mice, said that his tenant required PROOF that the mouse came from him...and what better way than to keep the mouse, frozen, until such time as the proof is necessary. so, yes. it's in the downstairs freezer.

all this, then we wind up with a mouse inside nicole's house. when she never had mice before. ever.

it's not looking good, my friends.

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NME said...

Make sure you don't mistake him for a little yummy mouse pop.

lonna said...

How disgusting for poor Sean. The Stain...shudder.

amandak said...

What a good man. If I ever had to deal with such a situation, I can only hope my man would come through with such flying colors, cause I would be hiding in the next county somewhere.

KATIEmagic said...

ENTRAILS!? I'm going to be sick. I would have done the same thing you did. You're going to forget it's in that freezer and it's going to scare the shit out of you one day.

grody jo-dee said...

we once had the neighbor's outside cat delivering presents to our door every couple of days. g. kept saying, "look mommy, it's a bird. and he's not flying away."
no honey, he's not flying away because his GUTS are all over the sidewalk. thanks, next door kitty.

Jen said...

What is it with you and rodents lately? I guess they are attracted by your charm and beauty?

Jen O. said...

I should not have read this while eating lunch.

Stine said...

In the freezer? That's a ponderous thought. Although yay for hubby's who clean up carcasses.

Brownidegirl74 said...

You poor thing!! Glad that Sean was there to help out. I can do bugs, but no mice!!

Katy said...

Mousicle...unfortunate. And how will you be proving that said mouse came from said tenant? DNA sampling? Is there a mouse homicide CSI? Good luck with The Stain.

ps my word verification seems appropriate. It's jusbri.

Kodi said...

We did a reptile study in the Park once, and I had to collect all the lizards and snakes that had been run over on the road every morning. I put them in the staff refridgerator, for lack of any other place to store them. Many a co-worker let out a scream or a yelp when they saw the snakies in the baggies. I think mice are cute, but definitely NOT in my house.

jon said...

Mice Exposed to Plague Missing in NJ

NEWARK, NJ-September 15, 2005 - Three lab mice that were exposed to the plague are missing from the Public Health research Institute in Newark.