hair today

it may only be for an hour, a day, maybe just for the morning...but I love my hair right now. it could be only because I haven't seen it in the right angle to be like, holy hell what the fuck is that, but whatever it is, I hope nothing breaks this magical spell.

good hair is valuable to me. I could be wearing something really stupid, but if my hair looks good, then I don't mind. it's not vice versa - no amount of good outfit can compensate for bad hair.

I got my hair cut on monday night, and I wasn't sure I was going to like it. I had these massive side clumps that at one point looked cute, and that cut was a big step up from my unruly long inconvenience that I had while pregnant, simply for the ability to wear a pony tail. but I had been sporting the side clumps for too long, or they had gotten too long, one or the other. the result was a bad pseudo backwards mullet with bangs. anyways, that's all gone. now I have something that feels a tad 30s, which is pretty timely, since trent and I have been on an all-out hercule poirot binge for the past month or so. (for me, the past lifetime or so.)

I purposely do not look at my profile, though, because I am not a sadist. so I can't rightly say that it will look good to others, because the one thing that those side clumps did was sort of hide the too-gentle slope of my neck. (a neck should be angular. not gentle.)

I asked trent last night if he thought that my new haircut made my chin/neck look too big. he said no. and then reached out and took hold of the skin under my chin and said "you and pop pop guitar [my dad] both have this extra skin chin thingie." I just stared at him, blinking. then he said "well, pop pop guitar's is more of a waddle. yours is just - what is that, anyway?"

despite all that, I do love my hair. or I did until I just remembered that little conversation.

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NME said...

Can't wait to see the new cut.

Did you tell Trent that chins are hereditary and you hope he enjoys his? Everyone in my family just adores theirs. They bring us together.

lonna said...

Oh Trent. Wait until your chin develops!

I'm glad that you like your hair. That can be so difficult. I have decided that I am bored with my hair, so I am growing it out. I will eventually cut it into another short hair style, but I have to start with longer hair in order to do something new. So I will be hating my hair for at least 6 months, I think.

Carol said...

What is he talking about? Between you and Niki and your chins!! Never heard so many chin complaints!

On hair - Why does it always look good right before you go to get it cut but if you wait one day longer, it all goes to hell...

KATIEmagic said...

Pictures! I wana see! I love that feeling that comes with a great new haircut. I'm growing mine out and it's SO BORING! I would normally satisfy my itch for hair change with color but I'm waiting until January to do that. Ah, waiting to do so many things.

nme, you still going platinum?

My family has a hereditary waddle thingy so that even the thinnest among us have a psudo "double chin" I hate it.

grody jo-dee said...

you just can't underestimate the power of good hair. it makes even sweatpants seem better.

Jen said...

I would love to see pictures. Did you do anything with the color or just the cut?

Katy said...

AW, the sloping chin. I hate chin slopage. If I could change one thing about myself it'd be my chin, double chin, lack of chin, whatever. Congrats on the lovely chair.

Stine said...

yes pictures.

Skin chin thingie? Man, at my house, he woulda gotten a whoopin for that one.

and my word verification interesting enough is:

fopebboi (which I translated as)

fop E boy

Kat said...

I feel the exact same way about my hair. If it's good, it's all good, if it's bad, well...you get the picture.

amandak said...

I've been growing mine out for awhile now, and finally got a decent cut a couple weeks ago. The color, not so great, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

Happy Good Hair Day!!

Missuz J said...

I've recently become somewhat estranged from the friend who used to cut my hair for me. It's a total mess, and I have no idea who the fuck in this town to trust with it.

As far as I've seen, you have a very cute chin. Mine is a tad on the weak side, I'm afraid.

Steph said...

Oooo. I'm so glad you can love your hair, even if it's just for a moment. Treasure that.
I was okay with my hair until a boss referred me to her "incredible" stylist. He condescendingly shushed my queries and proceeded to whip the scissors around my face and add about 3 pounds of styling product which rendered my head into a perfectly rounded pile of goop. My inital thought when he was done was, "Ohmygod. I look like my grandmother!" The first thing I did was shower when I got home. and look in the mirror hopefully. "Ohmygod. I look like fucking Andy Kaufman!" The boss tried to be all upbeat about it, showing my lame head around the office, and saying things like, "Isn't it *adorable*?" "Didn't my stylist just *outdo* himself??"
Bleh. I quit that job, (not because of the hair) and now my hair's finally growing out. Whew.