livin la vida zombie

fall. ragweed. trees. allergies. can't speak in complete sentences. allergy medicine side effects. not blinking. can't feel toes. sneezing. full sinuses. yet still no blinking.

I'll try to snap out of it long enough to post.

today is sean's first day as a real live first shifter. he wanted new shoes for the occasion, but we didn't have time last night, as I had to go grocery shopping for sanity - I mean because we had no food in the house. (both are true.) so today we get new, grown up shoes. I mentioned something about kenneth cole shoes to sean once, how I thought they would look good on him and they were quality shoes that are suitable for someone planning to conquer the chairman's spot at any big company, and now that's all he wants. he keeps asking me if they have kenneth cole shoes wherever we are that has shoes. like payless and famous footwear. it's gotten to the point that I wearily say "no kenneth cole" whenever I see a shoe display.

sean's story is something of a rags to rich (not riches, we're not quite to plural of rich yet - we need about quadruple his salary first) story. he started out in this company's warehouse, wearing crap uniforms from cintas and company issued steel toe boots. now he sits behind a giant control board filled with monitors and keyboards and server stuff. because he didn't come into the company at this level, but rather down in the trenches, he has a unique perspective on the work he does. plus, he's the most loyal and hardest worker I've ever known. so pretty soon, I expect to complete the rags to richES story and I hope I can remember that one time we went to get him his very first pair of kenneth cole shoes.

this weekend, we are going to the zoo with nicole and mark and noah. we have been waiting to go to the zoo since before bella was born. last year, she was too little and it was too cold to go. this summer, we barely had any time to ourselves where one of us wasn't working. now that we have one free sunday under our belt, we are ready and raring to go to the zoo. it's not just a trip to the zoo, though, it's an affirmation that we are, once again, a more normal family. a family that can pick up and go somewhere, together, without losing money or vacation time. it's something I'm sure alot of people take for granted, and we can't wait to take it for granted again, too. we're working on getting saturdays back, but for the time being, I'll take sunday over no days.

and now, I must return to my zombified state.

ahhh-CHOOOOOOO. still no blinking.

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lonna said...

My allergies have been killing me too. I hate the time of year when patanol and zyrtec just aren't enough.

Sean certainly seems to have worked hard enough for his company that they should take care of him and give him more money and a better schedule!

I am so happy that you guys get to be a normal family again. The zoo is always so fun. We can't wait to take Dermot to the Philly zoo. Someday.

NME said...

How was shoe shopping? I love a man in some nice shoes.