I shoe-shoe-shoes you

a transcript of our trip to the macy's men's shoe department to get sean shoes:

me: how bout these?
him: yeah (does not pick up shoes)
me: how bout those?
him: yeah (does not pick up shoes)
me: what about these?
him: yeah (does not pick up shoes)

we did look at all the kenneth cole shoes. and he found a pair that he liked, which I didn't love because they had lugged soles so that they weren't really as dressy as regular dress shoes, which I thought was the point. (I likened this to buying really expensive dressy jeans - they're still jeans at the end of the day.)

so he was all set to buy these shoes, after having tried on just that one pair. I kept asking if he wanted to try more, and he said no - mostly because bella was screaming her head off, wanting to crawl around on the nasty carpet. (don't they fucking VACUUM??) a shiny shoe horn wouldn't even calm her down. and he was annoyed further by the shoes themselves - the way they lace the shoes in the display so the laces go straight across and you can neither loosen or tighten them. I had to re-lace them while he wrestled with bella, but the sheer fact that they were laced that way was baffling and annoying to him. so, with all the chaos and the laces and whatnot, he didn't want to try on any more shoes.

however, I happened to be looking at the clearance rack, where they had several shoes in sean's size. (sidenote: in case I haven't mentioned it, sean has ENORMOUS feet. he wears either a 12 or 13 depending on the shoe. have you ever noticed that shoes are always alot cuter when they're little? the bigger they are, the weirder they look. especially shoes that have only a small lace up area, like dress shoes. they don't seem to make the lace up part any bigger after, say, size 10, so there's always this little lace up part and this vast expanse of shoe stretching out for miles. so buying shoes for him is tough, as you have to get the right balance of correct size and non-clownishness.) I saw a pair that were really cool looking and had, dun dun dunnnnn, NO LACES. I asked him to at least just try these on, and he did, and he said they were really comfortable. when I looked to see what the brand name was (not that either of us cared, we only cared that he had nice dress shoes that fit him) and it was steve madden. awwww. now we have the same brand of shoes.

I'm not sure if he wore them today or not, but we even got him all kinds of new socks to go with his new shoes. (I picked them out - argyle, striped, and polka dot. I'm so glad he's not picky about the kind of socks he wears.) I'll make sure he gives a shoe report so all of you who are DYING to know "do they fit????? are they comfortable????? DO THEY MAKE YOUR SOCKS PILL????" will have the answers you so desperately need.

the best part? clearance is 50% off the lowest marked price. $130 shoes for $37? not bad at all.

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Stine said...

That first exchange is priceless. I'm glad you got a good deal on them.

lonna said...

My dad and brother both have size 12 feet. I grew up thinking that was a normal size for adult men. I had no idea that was big. Ethan and I are both 10s, so I have the same problem. Big women's shoes look strange too compared to smaller shoes. Right now we both only wear New Balance. Once in a great while I will wear my Keds. Real shoes hurt my feet. I hope that Sean enjoys both pairs of shoes. I love new shoes.

Marksthespot said...

I wear a size 12 also. Perhaps not as uncommon as you think.

NME said...

That is a SLAM DUNK. Great shoes at a low, low price. Love it. And I want you to buy me socks.

What you have said about shoes I have said many times about bras. Take one of those cute printy little B cup bras and make it a size F and it's an abomination. Actually what you said applies to many things in life - I know I look better smaller.

Missuz J said...

Now THAT is a bargain. Erik's feet are about 3 times as wide as normal people--so he wears his shoes out from the inside. I'm afraid Sophie has the same curse. I'm always looking for toddker shoes in double wide.

p.s. Totaly with you on the bra thing nme. When I try to buy sexy ones, they just look like giant bizarre circus tents.

Katy said...

polka dot socks? LOVE!! I'm actually very excited that the weather is cooling down so I can wear socks and shoes. Boots especially. I loves me a cute pair o' boots!!

Speaking of shoes, I think my word verification should be a brand name.