oh yes, weight a minute mr. postman (weight!)

the reality of going to the shore is starting to crash down on me like a wave from the atlantic filled with dead jellyfish. I got my bathing suits from lands end and returned two of them - leaving me with one suit. which sean thinks is completely appropriate, but I am not to be expected to spend 4.5 days at the shore wearing the same suit every day, am I? ladies, back me up here. so I went ahead and ordered 4 more suits from spiegel.com that were, amazingly, $20 apiece. again, whichever ones I don't like, I'll return. I am not holding up high hopes for them, though, because I've been brainwashed by the materialistic consumerism society we live in that if it's not expensive, it's crap.

so about the weight thing, because I haven't been very diligent about my progress or lack thereof. I have weighed myself twice since that original post a while back. and both times, the scale hovered around 2 lbs shy of my original 140. but my clothes have been fitting alot better lately, and I've been complimented by people who aren't quick with the compliments (and some who are very quick with the compliments) saying that I look like I've lost weight. so I consider that a success.

sean, on the other hand, seems to be lacking direction in this area and I think he needs something way more structured. though I think he looks fine, he is disgusted with himself and wants to change so badly. I feel terrible for him because I know exactly how that feels and I want to support him. it's just that I can't put myself through the counting points thing again.

I am definitely not where I'd choose to be, especially given the rear look on my bathing suits, but it doesn't seem to matter as much to me, either. (though, ask me again when our beach blankets are next to some young, nubile bikini wearers - or worse, a mother who is older than me who is wearing a bikini but has 5 young children.)

oh - and a word to the wise about using jergen's natural glow, the stuff I had to buy for $10 a bottle on ebay (but that I saw at walmart the other day for $2.50 a bottle, and there were 40 thousand of them): do not use on creasy places, like ankles or that space where your leg meets your torso. and do not use on skin that's previously used crappy self tanner - it seems to reactivate it. but when I use it on the leggier part of my legs, it seems to be doing a good job making me look less pasty. it does help if you're using it on top of skin that is less pallor than maybe ever so slightly sunkissed. I noticed it looked alot more natural once I had actually let the sun touch my legs for more than a few minutes.

so now all I have to worry about for the beach is the mother with the bikini, the dead jellyfish, and probably bella eating sand. I can't wait!

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amandak said...

I'm headed to Flagstaff for a Missuz J/Krause House Birthday Reunion Weekend on Friday, and I am in TOTAL DENIAL about the bathing suit situation. Not only do I need one, but Zach and Clark both need new ones too. And somehow I have a feeling that Target is not going to come through for me on this one. argh.

Katy said...

I am working right across from the college swimming pool so I thought, excellent! I'll just get off work, walk over and swim a couple laps. So I went and bought myself a new 60 dollar nike swimming suit that's kinda squeezy and holds in the love handles. The more heavy duty athletic swimsuits are excellent since they have more substance and form. Now if I would actually drag my ass to the swimming pool we'd be going somewhere.

NME said...

If you feel better than its a success. I have a weight post coming sometime this week. Both because of the beach and because... well you'll see.

You need two suits when you go to the beach. Otherwise you will have to put on a wet suit at some point and that is nasty. Nastier than jellyfish.

I think I need to try that Jergens stuff. I've never used tanner before but my legs are radiating light while my arms and face are tan. I need help.

Is it bad if babies eat some sand?

Missuz J said...

When I went to the doctor today to get my "weight managament medication" I said to the gal who weighed me--"Look. Today is my birthday and I'm turning 30. I don't want to know how much I weigh--so don't tell me." She didn't, but when the doc came in, he started right in with, "You're still on a gaining trend." I shut him up as quick as I could, but damn it--you shouldn't have to turn 30 and learn that you've gained 30 pounds in one day. Also, all of the pictures I've ever seen of you show a this titian haired, svelt beauty--so I'm sure you'll be lookin' fine at the beach.

grody jo-dee said...

you are SO right that you will need more than one swimsuit for the seashore. and, girls need variety, right? i just went to the beach and didn't see any moms in bikinis with 5 children--so chin up. all i saw were MANY MANY women who OUGHT NOT be wearing bikinis. and meanly enough, that was comforting. :)