birthdays and monthaversaries

everyone seems to be getting older all of a sudden.

first off, I'd like to say happy birthday to missuz j, and thank you to nicole for finding her blog and leading me to it. I hear sophie gene's birthday is upcoming as well, and her husband erik just had his own birthday. I wonder if sophie will grow up thinking that all families have their birthdays in the same 4 week span.

second, I'd like to say happy 9 months to noah mccormack eggerts, who is a sweet, sweet boy. noah, without your mom, I'd be insane by now. please do what you can to make her not have a heart attack anytime soon by worrying about you. yes, yes, I know, most of that is completely out of your hands, but I'm just saying. like running with scissors or climbing the baby gate, just don't do it, okay? for me.

third, noah's proud papa is going to be something like 48 thousand hundred years old soon, so in preparation, I want to say happy birthday to mark.

fourth, tracey the scuttleslut is going t be 48 thousand hundred and 3 years old at the end of this month, and even though she'll remind us all 50 times, I wanted to say happy birthday to her as well.

last, but not least, happy 9 months to baby bella, whose 9 month anniversary of being thrust from my womb I did not acknowledge on the 31st when I was supposed to. sweetheart, I love you so much, even though you've already learned how to throw a temper tantrum by screeching and going stiff as a nail when you don't get your way.

so hats off to all of you who are getting older by the second...that means you, too!


happy belated to the guy I apparently got into alot of trouble in high school, ethan, and happy 18 months to his wonderful little cherub dermot. (thanks lonna!!) (ps, I don't have the url to a dermot picture - care to hook a sista up?) I can't wait to see dermot in person and to see all of you again! (sidenote: ever google ethan? holy shit! I remember when he was just a kid with glasses who laughed at our english teacher.)

5 validations:

lonna said...

He he. Ethan's 31st was on July 30 too, and Dermot will be 18 months old on August 10. Wow.

Missuz J said...

You are such a sweet lady. Thanks for the shout out and for the ecard. The truth is--I felt a little sad when you didn't comment on my birthday post. I'm such a looser sometimes.

Kodi said...

I'm back, so I immediately checked everyone's posts. I love your blogs. It is so strange that someone I have never met, who lives miles and miles away, could make me laugh so much.

amandak said...

patrice, I have no idea wtf is going on with the missuz, but rest assured I WILL find out.

feel free to hijack my comments any time, btw.

NME said...

August seems like a good month to birth stellar people. Cheers to Becca (where ever you are), Sophie Gene, (whose trying to talk her mom into blogging) Erik, Ethan and my beloved Tracey (you'll get yours later).

HAPPY HAPPY 9monthaversary to Baby Bella. She's been out and about now for longer than she's been a glimmer in your eye. And I don't think we could have imagined a more sweet and adorable little girl. Tantrums and all.

Patrice - Noah told me to tell you that because you are such a good friend he knows that you will help talk me through any sort of shenanigans he decides to bring my way. So get ready with the speech you will need to talk me through his scissor running.
Oh- and I want to see a Dermot photo!