swingin for the fences

when people today have asked me what I did this weekend, I just look at them with tired, red eyes, over the ridge of my sunburned nose, and say one word.


trent's last ever little league tournament started on thursday. they were playing deep run, which is the sports complex that I used to play soccer at. (dangle, you preposition.) I haven't been back to deep run since I was 17, and returning was a little surreal. it's a lot bigger now, and the soccer fields are new and in the expanded area. most of trent's games were played on what used to be the field I played on while in the teen years.

deep run's little league team made it so far up the ladder to the little league world series last year that they were on ESPN. it's not hard to imagine that they were whipping the butts of most of the other local teams, which begs the question of why they were even playing in them. it was more than a little unfair. think of the kids who were on the losing end of a 31 - 1 game. thirty-one to one. and that was in the 4th inning.

so deep run had been crushing opponents this year at most of the tournaments that trent has played. it seemed to be a foregone conclusion that whoever they played, they'd win. so we had low expectations for trent's team, even though they had won their first two games. it was hot, sunny, and dry on saturday when the teams faced off. I had to leave early to get ready for nicole and beth, who were coming to my house later. when I left, it was 4 to 1 in the 4th inning, which was, to me, a total win, since we weren't getting crushed. we were holding our own.

apparently I left the single most incredible game in lansdale little league history, as not only did we hold them to the 4 runs they had scored, but the kid who batted after trent scored a walk-off grand slam to win the game. and trent was on first at the time, so he scored the tying run.

the team's outlook had changed dramatically after the thick-headed coach finally decided to put both trent and the kid who would later hit that grand slam into the game a few weeks ago. I think you remember me saying that trent was benched most of the time, simply for playing the same position as the coach's son. the coach put trent in, finally, not because he was doing well - because he was - but because while the other kids had gotten complacent (because they were hardly ever taken out - only for the requisite 1 at bat or 3 consecutive outs required for the benched players) and trent was still full of hustle, even though he was hardly playing. so as a token gesture, and not because he felt trent deserved it, he started trent at center field and let him be the leadoff hitter.

the rest, as they say, is history. not only did trent keep up the hustle, but he did so well that they kept him at his position, moving him to second base to switch things up instead of moving him to the bench. and he remained as the leadoff hitter for the rest of the season. I'm so proud of him. and the kid who hit the home run got put in, too, because of his good attitude, and they beat the smug, complacent, well-funded deep run team because of it.

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in non-baseball news, I had a great time reminiscing about high school with beth and nicole and brett on saturday afternoon. check out beth's son joseph. isn't he the cutest thing you ever saw???

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Ethan said...

High school reminiscing, you say? Although I'm sure Nicole et al. can spin better stories about high school-Patrice than I, I do remember Patrice as a junior high student (she sat behind me in English and Math, from what I remember). Needless to say, I do remember getting in trouble because of her a few times. How she didn't get in trouble is beyond me.
(I'm sure she can also recite all of the "helping" verbs.)

lonna said...

Way to go Trent. Seems like your house was all about achieving this weekend. I'm sorry that you didn't get to see his accomplishments in person, but I bet that he was excited to tell you about it.

amandak said...

Dude, your men are totally rocking lately! That's awesome for Trent. Ahh, baseball in the summertime, you're just oh so sweet all-American family right now, I love it.

NME said...

Take THAT smug and complacent.

I felt bad that you missed the sacred moment because you were expecting us. But I had a fantastic time on Saturday and can't thank you enough for hosting Noah and I.

Did they play Deep Run again on Sunday? How did it go?

Jen O. said...

I wouldn't say that Joseph is the cutest thing I ever saw. I have seen Trent and Bella and Noah, after all. There's hardly any comparison.

Congrats, Trent! That is super awesome. And I agree with Lonna: He was probably so excited to tell you about the game and relive the moments with you that way.

KATIEmagic said...

Wow, what an exciting game! Go Trent!

Missuz J said...

GO TEAM! I hope Trent knows that total strangers are celebrating his baseball prowess.

Janzen HATED t-ball. He saw absolutely no point. Because he is so fair, the sun just killed him. He'd go into outfield and start collecting bugs or building stick houses. The only reason he even tried was his dad is a total baseball nut. I even caught Erik giving Janzen $5 to play catch with him one day.

I both love and hate the high school reminiscing. Luckily--I have very little contact with anyone I went to school with, and luckily, we're all forgiven (I think) for how stupid and self-centered we were in high school. (Maybe that's just me.)

Jaws said...

Woohooo Trent! Sounds like it was exciting. Especial for his last year. Way to go with a bang!

He is a cutie.

Katy said...

That's so cool! Not just that they won, but that they beat the unbeatable. I wish I was a tough sports chick, I played t-ball when I was maybe 6 and came out of it looking like an abused child, a black eye, a fat lip, another black eye, and oh yeah, another fat lip. GO TRENT!!